Review: Norcal Organic Whey Protein

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of the whey protein shake! It’s an easy way to stack more critical complete protein in my day, first thing in the morning or post-workout.  That said, a lot of wheys protein options are highly processed with lots of added gunk; not to mention their supply chain […]

Southwest Sweet Potato Stew

Make this southwest sweet potato soup in the pressure cooker or slow cooker for a warm winter dinner!It’s cold, it’s not the good kind of cold, like the “yay, it’s boot season!” kind of cold. And, it’s the I-can’t-feel-my-earlobes kind of cold. It is a BAD cold. Cruel cold. It’s the Royals losing in the […]

Kansas City style homemade BBQ sauce

I’m from Kansas City; ergo, I am a barbeque (or BBQ, or barbecue, or wh’deveryouwannacallit) snob. And guess what? I’m not even the regular-type Kansas City BBQ snob. Sure, I love Oklahoma Joe’s. But I’ll tell ya that Gate’s isn’t what it used to be and that some REALLY good BBQ lives at a little joint […]

Best Minimalist Footwear for Baby, Toddler, and Kids

Best Minimalist Footwear for Baby, Toddler, and Kids

Photo above: my first kiddo experiencing the environment under her feet in minimalist shoes for babies – leather Bobux brand shoes for wide feet. Note: this post is NOT meant to be exhaustive! Brands are entering the market all the time, so consider this my experience and my favorites. Add your thoughts & favorites in […]

Why ghee is good for you (inside AND out!)

After having spent over a decade of my life in the trenches of fat-phobia; specifically saturated fat phobia, I KNOW how hard it is to believe that ghee is good for you. Ghee – which is a type of clarified butter; or, butter with all milk solids removed – has a long history in Indian […]

Spicy Jalapeño Hibiscus Margarita

Spicy Jalapeño Hibiscus Margarita

Made with deep pink, antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea, this spicy jalapeño hibiscus margarita is sure to make everyone smile! (Even before they’ve had their tequila!) I’ve been OBSESSED with the similar mason jar margarita from Caffetteria Cafe in Kansas City forEVER, and I finally have a recipe that gets *close* to the original! This margarita uses […]

Keratosis Pilaris: How I Handled It

how to treat keratosis pilaris

*This post about keratosis pilaris has been revised and updated and is written for informational purposes only. It should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never begin a supplementation protocol without the guidance of your doctor. Have you ever had…chicken skin? And when I say “chicken skin,” I DON’T […]

Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Burrata

Sheet Pan Gnocchi Plate

Have you boarded the Burrata bus yet? Are you sailing on the sheet pan ship? What about the Gnocchi…er…Gondola? With this sheet pan gnocchi with burrata, I’ve got all your food transportation needs covered. (As in, transporting delicious food…to your mouth.) (I know…groan. I just can’t help myself.) Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Burrata Truly, if […]

My Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Review

Over the last year, the topic of my extra virgin cod liver oil review came up in conversation several times. Folks, including myself, HAD to know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be? Does it live up to the hype? Will it help me? Well, my opinion is: Yes! And… I love it! And for the […]

Healthier Homemade Almond Milk + How To Blanch Almonds At Home

All right. I know this is probably the easiest, most obvious recipe ever. But guess what? I’m a bad cook. Things aren’t always obvious. I share them nonetheless. Sometimes the simplest recipes can still be a challenge for those of us who aren’t exactly culinary experts. But you know what? It’s important to share those […]

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