Hi, friends! I’m Liz, and I’m passionate about helping women 35+ take their lives to the next level (without sacrificing their sanity). 

Food. Fitness. Life.

If you’re looking for myth-busting information about food to help you ditch the diet lies we’ve been “fed” over the years, I’ve got you

If you’re looking to REALLY level up your metabolism and your muscle mass as you enter your 40s, I’ve got you there, too

If you’re looking for supplement solutions that will help you take your workouts and your well-being to the next level, I created this one just for you!

If just one thing I post, publish, or podcast about helps you on your journey, I’m a happy camper.

More About Me

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, best-selling author and award-winning podcaster. I’m also a mom, a military spouse, and an Enneagram 6 (with a STRONG 5 wing). 

When it comes to wellness, I’ve always been curious about where the truth actually lies. I’m passionate about bringing my investigative work – which has inspired the creation of research teams comprised of scientists, PhDs, and professionals to light my way – to you.

I wrote the Wall Street Journal best-seller Eat the Yolks, which tackles many of the lies we’ve been told about nutrition over the last 50 years (with plenty of pop culture references and tongue-in-cheek humor to make it fun). 

I’ve worked with individuals, companies, and nonprofits; I’ve also teamed up with multiple experts to develop more resources that help get folks from where do I even begin to wow, I’ve got this:

Own Your Metabolism helps motivated women 35+ take their metabolism and their muscle to the next level. 

Athletic Mom (currently remodeling!) is my you’re a badass, let me help you feel like one program for moms who are ready to stop worrying about what they SEE in the mirror and start embracing what they can DO in LIFE (PS: if you’re a mom, you’re an athlete); 

The Balanced Bites Podcast is dedicated to all the things I’ve explored that haven’t made it into book or program form – from new treatments for anxiety, cultivating friendships in adulthood, nutrition, hormones, expert interviews, and much more.

Personal Details

I live in the magical midwest with my dream husband and my two charming, energetic, exhausting, wonderful daughters – one in toddlerhood, one in the decidedly pre-pre-preteen stage. One is named after her grandmothers, the other after an actress from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. (I am large; I contain multitudes.)

We’ve covered a lot of territory during the course of our marriage: military moves, a stint as farmer-homesteaders, and our current home on a tiny lake with a modern Mayberry feel. 

A few other personal notes:

  • I am a terrible cook…despite making a career around food and wellness.
  • I’m an extroverted introvert, an Enneagram 6 wing 5 (the 5 is strong), and a Ladybird 4th Fashion Corner…despite absolutely hating personality tests. And fashion.
  • What started as a commitment to consistently train 3 times each (which I’ve kept up for 6 years and counting) led to me becoming a Certified Personal Trainer at 40. It’s never too late!
  • I’m new to the world of competitive kids’ soccer, and I’m not sure I’ll survive (anyone else?)
  • I homeschooled my oldest for a year…despite having a newborn in tow. (I’m not saying it went well. I’m saying I did it.)

Over the years, I’ve realized that I have to experience things to understand them. (On that note, when I screw up, I screw up BIG: ask my parents what happened when they left town for a night when I was 17. Ever seen Can’t Hardly Wait?)

This is why most of my work grows out of personal experiences. I have been fully invested in everything I’ve created! My beliefs have been challenged, my commitment has been tested time and again – and it has made me a more compassionate, more well-rounded person. And, I hope, it has made me more useful to YOU as well.

I post about the personal stuff on Instagram – feel free to join me there, or sign up for my email exclusives

I’m so glad you’re here!

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