The Best Natural Deodorants I Love

I have been AROUND THE BLOCK with natural deodorants, folks! I’m going to share with you the 3 best natural deodorants that I LOVE, right now. It’s been almost 10 years since I started experimenting – a journey that included several DISASTROUS attempts to make my own (immortalized on this website somewhere), followed by a […]

I gave up caffeine. Here’s why.

COFFEE. I used to LOVE it. Then, I had to quit it. ⁣ Hot, iced, espresso, light, dark (but ESPECIALLY iced) … you name it, I drank it. Nobody accumulates this many coffee drinking vessels unless they need to have multiple cups of multiple types of coffee spread across the house at all times, to […]

Solutions for cracked heels & winter feet

Spring is around the corner, and it’s almost time to de-shoe our feet. If you need solutions for cracked heels and getting your winter feet sandal-ready, I’ve got you covered! Unfortunately, many of us are discovering how hideously disgusting, craggy, dry, and callused our heels are after months under wraps (er, socks). And exposing those […]

Athletic Mom is HERE!

My Athletic Mom program is HERE! It’s the comprehensive follow-up to the crowd favorite Daily Fix mobility series and it’s ready for you NOW! If you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about – 8 Weeks of Fitness Training + Easy Nutrition Planning + Signature Eat-Play-Move framework + Extras & Bonuses! – you don’t have to wait. Just […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 5: Liz’s second birth (part 2 of 2)

I talk not having a “redemptive” birth, the “KIND” of birth and whether it matters, home birth start to finish, and what I wish I’d known. TRANSCRIPT This is episode 5, topic: Liz Talks MORE About Her Second Birth (Part 2 of 2) In case you missed it, episode 4 was all about my second […]

Endermologie: a cellulite reducer turned health treatment!

Have you heard of Endermologie? (Quick confession: I struggle to put Endermologie in my “Beauty” category, but let’s just go with it! It’s generally marketed as a full-body beauty technique, even though it’s so much more than that.) I just posted a new reel on Instagram showing the Endermologie process. You wear a stretchy, hoisery-like […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 4: Liz’s second birth (part 1 of 2)

Liz talks her second birth (and says “vagina” a lot, probably): processing vaginal vs. c section, language around birth, internet vs. reality, and finding her OB and midwives. TRANSCRIPT This is episode 4, topic: Liz Talks Her Second Birth (Episode 1 of 2) In case you missed it, episode 3 was all about Making Friends […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 3: making friends as an adult!

Liz talks friendship mistakes, getting (friendship) lucky, her “list,” and that girl in Kindergarten that made her feel bad. TRANSCRIPT This is episode 3 of Liz Talks, topic: How To Make Friends As An Adult! Happy podcast day, friends! So excited to be back with you today. As a reminder, In case you missed it, […]

Liz Talks Podcast Episode 2: kids! Having more & lessons learned

Liz talks having another kid, the 5-year gap between offspring, lessons from parenthood, and birth control/following h*rny cues. TRANSCRIPT This is episode 2 of Liz Talks, topic: Liz Talks Having Another Kid Happy podcast day, friends! So excited to be back with you today. As a reminder, In case you missed it, last week, we […]

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