Review: Norcal Organic Whey Protein

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of the whey protein shake!

It’s an easy way to stack more critical complete protein in my day, first thing in the morning or post-workout. 

That said, a lot of wheys protein options are highly processed with lots of added gunk; not to mention their supply chain is totally untraceable.

My absolute favorite brand of whey protein (that I’ve got on autoship!) is the one from Norcal Organics

Norcal sources organic milk from Rumiano Family Farms in Northern California, and processes the milk using low-temperature micro-filtration that leaves this non-denatured whey with its natural immunoglobulins, growth factors, and lactoferrin.

One serving contains 21 grams of protein, but I usually go for 1.5 servings in my favorite Creamsicle Shake (recipe coming soon).

NorCal’s whey protein is also certified by the Non-GMO Project and by the American Humane Association!



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