Balanced Bites Podcast #461: Make a Truce with Food & Why Your Eating Habits Start with Belonging: Ali Shapiro Shares All 

#461: Today we sit down with holistic nutritionist, Ali Shapiro, creator of “Truce with Food”, to uncover the intricate relationship between nutrition, weight loss, attachment, and belonging. Ali shares her personal journey with food, weight, and how being diagnosed with cancer at age 13 impacted her beliefs about health.  She reveals how early life experiences and societal pressures shape our eating habits and the importance of feeling safe and valued–physically, emotionally, and socially. 

We dive into developmental psychology and its impact on our behaviors with food, complexity fitness, community, and weight loss (and why our definition of “health” is misconstrued). We also explore optimal conflict and how attachment and belonging affect our eating habits. This conversation will change the way you think about food and nutrition. 


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