Balanced Bites Podcast #121: tips for newbies, raw liver, exercise & stress

The Balanced Bites Podcast | Episode 121 |
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 The Balanced Bites Podcast | Episode 121 |Tips for Paleo newbies, raw liver, exercise & stress

1. What are your Top five pointers for newbies to real-food living / paleo peeps
2. Tips to getting back on the band wagon, and why do we fall off?
3. Last year was all FCLO and sardines what new that you guys are loving right now?
4. Diana wants to know if Liz has found a New brand of Brewers Yeast (paleo friendly) yet??
5. Ashley asks, Exercise–how much is enough without putting too much stress on your body and creating further hormonal imbalances like excess cortisol. 

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Liz & Diane

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9 Responses

  1. I have a liver question for you! I found grass-fed beef liver for pretty cheap at Whole Foods. I’m doing what I heard Chris Kresser does, and I chop it up tiny and freeze the pieces. So far I’ve been cooking it in good fats before chopping it. Does the liver loose any nutrients through cooking?
    Thanks for all you do, the Skintervention Guide, co-hosting the podcast, blogging, and I can’t wait for your book!

    1. While thinking this over, I may have answered my own question. To make the liver easier to cut up, I cook it to almost medium well. At least I’m not burning it, so I suspect it’s okay nutrition-wise. 🙂

  2. Hi Liz!!
    Huge fan of your podcasts! Listen to them while commuting, and I’m sure drivers around see me laughing and wondering why. At least they keep their distance from the “crazy” haha. My question is how do you get the liver (frozen) into manageable chunks without thawing? I’m thinking the only way is to partially thaw? I’m really interested in trying your energy shake! I get grass fed beef frozen from fresh! Thanks a million!

  3. liz. Liz. LIZ. I LOVE your liver shots story on this podcast. You are hilarious, and one day I hope to level-up to become a Paleo-Master like yourself (jk) (but only kind of). I would love to see your recipe for the liver shots, and perhaps more so, the process (like Laura mentioned above). Do you thaw a pound at a time, and cut an inch or so off the thawed portion? Hack it off the frozen chunk and keep the rest in the freezer? Would it make sense to blend up a big batch and freeze in little aliquots (LOVE THAT WORD). I really want to get this stuff into my diet (raw or not) regularly, and if this is easy enough for you to do every morning, I can certainly get off my butt and do it once each week. Boom, inspiration. Also, the BF and I bought 15 pounds of beef liver in one excitable motion, and every time I open the drop freezer, it looks at me sadly like “why won’t you just eat me already 🙁 🙁 :(?”
    I still reference the Skintervention guide regularly and I’m looking forward to the new book too!

    1. I am so, so happy that people don’t think I’m crazy, Kelsey! I was really worried. Haha. I will get together a more detailed post, and MAYBE video if I can manage it, but here’s a short rundown:
      -I completely thaw (pre-sliced) liver – the butcher slices it up before packaging it – that has been frozen for at least 2 weeks. It thaws REALLY fast.
      -I put the whole mess of thawed liver into my Blendtec and liquefy it. (That’s the yuckiest part, conceptually.) I do this because it’s far easier to make a shake out of blended frozen liver than a frozen hunk of intact liver.
      -Then, I pour the liquefied liver into small ice cube trays (there’s your aliquots!) and re-freeze
      -Most mornings, I put the liquid (often raw milk, sometimes coconut), some thawed frozen strawberries, and an ice cube of liver into the blender and blend it up good. I add a few egg yolks and lightly pulse to blend.
      Thanks for reading the blog, for being a Skintervention-er and for supporting my book. It means the world 🙂

  4. Hey Liz,
    I would LOVE to hear more about your raw liver shots! I really need to get more liver into my diet and thus far I have failed at attempts to cook and get it down. As soon as it hits my tongue and I start chewing its over. I can’t get it down. I’m iron deficient and don’t want to have to take supplements as the doctor suggests. I would love your step by step in this process!

  5. Hi Liz,
    I’m a regular listener to the podcast so I know how you and Diane love to find out what people are up to while they are listening so I hope you find this funny. First up, I love liver, I make Diane’s recipe for pate at least once a month and I often have fried livers for dinner. I have never ventured into raw territory but would normally not be totally averse to the idea.
    I always listen to the podcast while walking to work (nothing unusual there) but I am currently in my first trimester of pregnancy so feeling very up and down at the moment and usual foods I love are turning my stomach.
    Anyway, I was having a beautiful walk to work through a green leafy park and just listening away when the conversation turns to raw liver. Its all good, I’m open minded feeling good but then when you start talking about milk and liver in a blender my stomach lurches. My little eyes start darting around the park to see if anyone is around, and then they water, and then you start talking about taking a shot. For some reason I don’t think to hit the skip button and all of a sudden I am leaning against a tree tossing my (paleo) cookies. Good thing no one saw me…
    I hope you find this as funny as I do! God, can’t wait for the nausea to subside. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for your book.
    Sue x

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