3 Phase Paleo review (swap, remove, heal)

I really, really love this idea, and this online book, from Paleo Parents: swap, remove, heal.
I love it because it gives a different perspective from “yes/no” foods, and that “rip off the band-aid” sudden-switch mentality (which works great for some, but not all!) that often leaves people with stymied digestion thanks to a too-quick switch from one set of foods to another.
Best of all, it gives HEALING the attention it deserves! So many of us need it – I certainly did.
(Sorry to draw this parallel, but think about our pets – when we switch them from one diet to another, we do it gradually so as to allow their digestive systems time to adjust! Sometimes, people need that gradual shift too, especially when going from quickly-digested processed junk to the kind of whole, real food that requires our digestion to actually work properly.)
You don’t HAVE to have it all figured out from the moment you start to shift to a real food diet. You CAN take the steps as you’re comfortable, as you determine is best for you. You CAN do more than just switch your food. You can learn, adjust, and most importantly, heal.
This is NOT an affiliate link – I make no money from the links in this blog post! I just truly support this idea. Click here to learn more.
Swap Remove Heal

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