What’s awesome about YOU?

Ever heard that phrase, “s/he’s starting to believe his own hype?”
Welp, while I don’t have that problem (or any hype to speak of), I’ve realized in my recent “stress overhaul” that I have a tendency to take every sideways glance or morsel of negative feedback to heart.
And then, I take it to soul, and mind, and then I rub it all over myself, and then I wash my hair with it, and then I imprint it on my memory Jacob-Renesmee style and carry it around in a bag that’s duct-taped to my mitts like I’m playing a really un-fun game of Edward Forty-hands.
I’m sensitive, OK?
But that’s not cool! It’s not cool to let that stuff in. It’s not helpful.
I’m pretty vocal about my flaws. I suck at cooking. I also suck at cooking. (Did I mention I suck at cooking?) There are others.
Like Michael Scott, I’m not perfect.

I know I’m not the only one that spends too much time stressing about the negative things. So it’s time for all of us to acknowledge our great qualities. OUT LOUD.
I’m good at getting to the heart of problems. I’m a great listener. I’m a talented writer. I’m a great wife and companion.
And now, I want YOU to tell me something that is awesome about YOU. I’m serious. Let’s spend some time today recognizing and SAYING OUT LOUD the awesome qualities we’ve all got in spades. It’s a no-negativity Tuesday.
What are you good at? What’s awesome about YOU? I want to hear (er, read) you say it!

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298 Responses

      1. Well Liz I am a yoga and meditation instructor. I bring peace and happiness to all who enter my studio. I am awesome because I teach from the heart..
        Nameste Mia

  1. Liz you are ABSOLUTELY awesome! And don’t let people tell you otherwise!
    Right now the first thing that comes to mind is that I’m awesome at handling life changing moments… Explanation? Well husband and I have recently made our second big move overseas (it’s our first day in our new apartment today!) First move was from our home in Australia to America and now to England! Tell you what I feel like I’m getting to be a pro at this moving business! 😉

      1. Aww, thanks! Defiantly not what I was expecting to hear at 30, while breastfeeding & pregnant, with no family history! Feel your boobies everyone (men can get it too btw)!

  2. What a positive post to read at lunch! I’m awesome at listening and being patient, and right now – I think I’m pretty good at making chili seeing these leftovers are pretty amazing.

  3. I’m a really good cook. I am also really good at sneaking healthy foods into my kiddos. Sardine apple baby mush and liver meatballs anyone? Liz, I will cook for you when you have kids 🙂 Thanks for being so awesome Liz!

  4. I’m a great listener, a great cook, and funny as sh*t… 🙂
    Also VERY outgoing. And love people that are as well… 🙂

  5. I am an amazing mom. I never hear that and although I doubt myself so often I know I’m good at being a mom… I don’t think we compliment each other enough. I’ve actually made it a point to tell people if I notice something wonderful about them. We need to hear positive things for positive reinforcement 🙂

    1. This is so important! I’m going to make it a point to acknowledge these things when I see them … I always assume people KNOW they’re fabulous, but it’s not always the case. Why not let somebody know? 🙂

  6. Not really feeling all that positive after this past weekend’s negativity, but it get me thinking. I don’t have a better homes and garden house, I don’t put bread on the table, and I don’t particularly enjoy all the hats I wear around the house….
    BUT I do cook delicious food (whole, minimally processed food–no bread, it’s not food in my opinion) every night. I do my best to keep up with a very active 3 year old, and still have energy to help my 9 year old with her homework or take her to dance class; and spend some time with my husband. I do my best to be there for my family, listen to them and help them with whatever’s bothering them. I do the best I can to get and keep my family healthy…and the kids happy. I love those around me that drive me insane and do their best to put me down. I always do the best I can with what I have, and keep smiling/going. I drive everyone crazy with my bubbliness. Was told today that a coworker of my husband’s thinks I’m a talented cook (I post what I cook on facebook…I don’t think following a recipe takes all that much talent). I am also, a good listener, enjoy reading and writing fiction, try my absolute hardest at everything I attempt. And not least of all, I am an attentive mom; right down to checking on them before I go to bed and giving them one more kiss goodnight before bedding down every night.
    Wow. Feeling quite a bit more positive now.
    Lastly, you and Diane are awesome. Cannot believe how much I’ve learned from you ladies in such a short period of time. I am really looking forward to your forth coming book.

  7. I am a good friend and wife…and I think sister and daughter. : ) I’m finding out that I’m actually pretty funny. I’m a great helper, listener and supporter. I just wrote my husband today and told him that now that I have finally figured out everything that is WRONG with me…its time for me to start asking what is RIGHT!!!This is perfect timing for me Liz. thank you!

  8. I’m a Renaissance woman! (I can cook, I can work on a car, I can play music, I can do home repair and so on and so on)

  9. Love this! Needed it this week 🙂
    I’m a hard-working, conscientious mom, try hard at being a good friend, know how to be silly, loyal, intelligent, and have a great ass to bottom it off!

      1. Thanks! And thank you for doing this and taking a moment to respond a affirm each person. Nothing better than getting a little affirmation that your life has positive meaning and to see someone else working towards this 🙂

  10. This is AWESOME! And you are AWESOME! But what’s AWESOME about me? I AM a good cook. I am very giving and loving and loyal. I can mow and edge a frickin’ lawn and then go inside and make a fabulous meal and then clean the whole house! I am not perfect, but I am exactly where God wants me to be at this moment.. and it’s awesome I realize that! 🙂

  11. I got my first full body weight pull-up today!!!
    I’m also pretty darn smart and cook some pretty damn tasty things, make my girlfriends laugh when we’re ice climbing and I am pretty damn good at my job 🙂

  12. I love to laugh and make my friends laugh. I’m a very caring and understanding friend and partner. I love to create and try new things, especially food! Because I love (good) food!
    Also, WE ARE ALL AWESOME! <3

  13. I am a really good cook – a loving and amazing mother to seven children and I am on day 9 of the 21 day sugar detox program! After the detox program – we are going full on paleo – just because I said so! I also make stained glass art and play classical guitar farily well.

  14. I’m awesome at cooking, baking, taking care of my hubby, and spreading the good food word 🙂 I’m also pretty awesome at giving unsolicited advice…haha!

  15. I am AWESOME about following the directions in the Skintervention Guide! 😉 No, really, I am. I am also a GREAT wife, mom, step-mom, daughter, animal-rescuer/foster failure and Realtor. 🙂

  16. This post and all the comments give me such warm fuzzies (: This is a great reminder to complement people whenever possible, because we all have our insecurities. I too just assume people already know they’re amazing! I think something I’m good at is encouraging and seeing the best in people.

  17. I am a great wife, feel I have lots of wisdom, and always sport a smile and positive attitude. I think that is why God gave me a husband with depression/anxiety– because he needed me & my gifts. My husband is thriving and I feel infinitely blessed, feeling that God is working through me.

  18. I’m a mom of a 13 year old & I’m pretty good at that. I have a daughter who actually still likes to talk to me and will talk about things other girls her age won’t discuss with their moms. I’m also a pretty good teacher, wife, sister, daughter, friend, & cook.

  19. I’m a damn good writer, an even better reader, I have a great singing voice, I am loyal to those who care about me, and I never stop trying to get better at life. Oh, and I give fantastic hugs.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. And thank you for this post. I’ve been struggling with body image and self-worth this week, and every little thing that went wrong turned into a “this is why you’re not good enough” spiral. And then you went and posted this and made hundreds and hundreds of people feel better, including me and hopefully yourself. You’re one in a million, Liz!

  20. I’m always open to learning and growing. Also, I make a lot of food to support my newly-paleo boyfriend, and I think that’s pretty nice of me. 🙂

  21. LOVE this post and you Liz! The quickest way to be more awesome is to point out someone else’s awesomeness. It comes back ten-fold. I’m a good mother, a good scholar of nutrition, a great baker, handy with a spreadsheet and today . . . a world class snow shoveler! Thanks for the beautiful post Liz!

  22. Thanks, Liz! This is a great post! I am a great nurse…no matter how unappreciated I feel or how hard this job is, I know I am a great nurse! (As I am posting during a break at work!)

    1. Chrissy, I just wanted to say I admire and appreciate you so incredibly much for being a great nurse! I can’t even imagine how hard that job must me, but a kind, caring soul makes all the difference in the world to a patient. If they don’t tell you that, it’s only because they’re hurting. Just know that you’re doing a lot of good for a lot of people (:

  23. I am a great friend. I am there for my friends, whether it is in person or on the phone listening. I am also a great dance instructor. I teach country dance and I’ve been told the way I teach makes it easy for people to leanr.

  24. Hey Chrissy I LOVE nurses, you guys are the BEST.
    I’m great at my job too; I help raise money for homeless pets and it feels good!

  25. Great post! Definitely need to think more positive thoughts everyday!! I think I’m a pretty awesome friend and wife! Always supportive and there for my friends and husband, and always trying to make healthy meals for my husbands and mines health! Thanks for being so AWESOME!

    1. Rachele, I’m taking a women-in-business course that gave us this imperative: to REVERSE negative or self-defeating thoughts the second they show up, and to replace them with a POSITIVE one! It seems so obvious, but it’s something I forget much too often. I’m working on it! Thanks for stopping by and telling me why you’re awesome!

  26. I am both generous and an encourager (a passion we both share as is evident by this post and giveaway :)) I love to remind people how awesome they are! I am also very generous with my time and emotions. Sometimes my husband tells me that I am too generous and I simply remind him that generosity is on of my qualities he admired while we were dating!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and following your passion!

    1. Thanks for being here, Tracy! I want to be more of an encourager (especially for myself, because I tend toward being discouraged more often than encouraged). It is so cool to hear people stopping by, recognizing and reminding themselves of their own great qualities. This whole thread has inspired me!

  27. Whoa. . . feeling awesome is contagious. I only feel more awesome after reading all the posts about why everybody’s so awesome! I’m awesome because I continuously utilize skills I’ve developed through living difficult experiences and making mistakes. As that list of skills grows, I just get better at living this life. It’s a way to take advantage of falling down and making it into something, well. . . awesome! Thanks, Liz, for reminding us all of what’s inside us today.

    1. Leah, that is HUGE! This may sound strange, but DEVELOPING new skills is rare enough, but utilizing them and sharpening them is even more rare. So many folks forget to learn from their experiences, including myself. I really admire that you’ve done that, and that you’ve recognized it! Very cool!

  28. I’m one of the most positive people I know. I can put a positive spin on almost any situation I face – and I throw some killer solo dance parties. I think I’ve got many talents. Also, I like to pay for random people’s Starbucks orders and that makes me feel good!

  29. Wow! What a timely post. Just when you are feeling unappreciated. What a way to feel all warm and fuzzy! Loved reading all of the above posts. Let’s see . . . I am a great cook (with help from really great cookbooks). I am a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I pride myself being my family’s “support services” leader. I do it all: cooking, cleaning, taxiing, shopping, laundering, and best of all – I rarely (rarely) complain. I have three boys, so I play baseball too, and I throw pretty hard! I also play nerf guns, basketball, volleyball, GIJoe, StarWars . . .Thanks Liz for all you do. You inspire people to do better.

  30. Some awesome people here!
    I have no claim to fame, but I’m a single mom to two wonderful kiddos, and their hugs make it all worthwhile! 🙂

  31. I think whats awesome about me is my nurturing nature, my creativity, fighting spirit, and my immense love for those that surround me.

  32. Thanks Liz, I needed this post this week, I’ve been pretty down on myself! Hmmm well, I am a great baker, I good friend, I good mother…despite doubting myself sometimes, a good wife, and I am good at learning!
    Thanks for being you Liz!

  33. I try to be a good Mom, daughter, sister and a loving, considerate wife. Otherwise, Im a good cook, avid reader and craft queen.

  34. I am awesome b/c I am a great mother and wife. I care about what I feed my family and not only do I feed them well, I am teaching to make the right decisions about what to eat. Love your podcast ..I look forward each week to a new episode..so thanks!!

  35. I am an awesome Mom of 2 young adult children, an awesome sister and daughter!
    Always willing to give a helping hand and a listening ear…
    I am sensitive, strong, compassionate with a big heart and much to give and be grateful for!

  36. Awesome, enter me to win please! What’s awesome about me is that I feel my family really good, healthy, real whole food where we’d rather eat in than go out and have that crap! haha to our friends! They’d rather eat at our house too!

  37. I turned my entire life around at 39 years old…I quit smoking after 27 years and turned my allergy of exercise into 6 years of triathlon fun! I remember throwing up after my first run of 2 miles, but I kept going 🙂 I love being a mentor to others who struggle to get off the couch…
    After meeting you in San Diego with Diane, I have decided that I want to change my life again and do something in the food world…I truly believe you are never to old to learn something new. So, at 47 I am looking for some way to get out of this darn desk job and work with a farm or co-op and bring good food to others!

  38. I’m a good listener and friend, a great learner, and I’m becoming very adept at healing my own body. Sometimes I wish my body didn’t need so much healing, but I’m getting very good at figuring out what it needs!

  39. I am an awesome friend and a groovetastic single mamma! I’m hard working and sincere both truly awesome qualities. It’s awesome to have this reminder and nudge to look at the good! Thanks!

  40. Strength is my strength – that’s my crossfit motto. And I give everything else at crossfit my best shot. I’m also a fantastic cook. I’m also really good at eating.

  41. Wow great responses above! Neat to see:) I never give up! I’ve battled with some health issues over the years..not debilitating but I want to feel nothing less than optimal! I know for the way I take care of myself I should feel better-so I keep tweaking it until I get it right for ME and hope to continue to be a light for others.
    I am a go getter:)

  42. I’m a great friend and listener! And I know I’m one day be able to make a difference in people’s lives just like you do 🙂

  43. I am strong, I’ve hit rock bottom and climbed back up. I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m a great mom and soon to be grandma 🙂

  44. This is really hard but a good exercise. I love and take great care of my animals. I love to make people happy. I try to be better every day.

    1. Isn’t it crazy how tough it is to recognize the good things about ourselves? It almost feels “wrong” but it’s NOT! And good on you for making daily strides. That’s what I aim to do also!

  45. I’m a mother to four wonderful children! I lost 45 pounds last year following you, Diane Sanfillipo, Sally Fallon, Mark Sisson and Katie from Wellness Mama! I just found out I’m pregnant with number 5!!!

  46. I am awesome at my job – working with foster families. I take my awesome knowledge home with me so I can be an awesome mom and awesome cook. I am also awesome at giving back to my community – shopping local, volunteering, and fundraising for my daughter’s school 🙂

  47. I’m hardworking and am always trying to better myself. Even it makes me uncomfortable. Like public speaking or passing on a double-cheeseburger. 😉 I love that I’m always moving forward.

  48. I go out of my way to make others’ lives easier. Nothing pleases me more than the smile of relief from family/friends/coworkers when they realize they have one less thing to worry about!

  49. I’m smart, concerned and empathetic. I believe in justice and fairness and try to fight for it when I can (and sometimes even when I can’t) I also tri tri tri to be an athlete 🙂 In my next life I plan on being fast!

  50. You ask what’s awesome about me? That’s a hard one because I don’t typically think that way. I guess it’s awesome that I cook every night for my wife – and I cook real food, mostly from scratch, and basically Paleo.

  51. Since I started eating Paleo, I became fantabulous. I quit yelling at my kids all the time, because I’m not on a blood sugar, emotional roller coaster all the time. My husband likes me again, because I’m getting into conversations instead of arguments (food reactions made me in pain and that blood sugar roller coaster thing) Plus I’m interested in that “other” stuff that I was too bitching to even think about.
    I became a nutritional therapy practitioner and health coach so I can help people eat more meat, and greens and lots of fat. I ran my first 10k after being paleofied. Now I’m just kicking some butt feeling kinda super hero like because I can lift some pretty heavy weight. I used to be the “Jane Fonda” kinda girl. Now I squat and lift heavy instead of jumping around a box doing some kinds of weird uncoordinated dance moves. I dress pretty but can lift heavy, make some delish paleo vids and foods. I rock and show others how they can “rock” also.

  52. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”
    No, but in all seriousness, you know what I’m awesome at? Giving gifts. Which, I guess if I take a deeper look into that, is because I’m a great listener, I’m observant, and I’m thoughtful. Yeah.

    1. YES! I always feel really proud and happy when I come up with a fabulous gift that I know someone will love, and for exactly the reasons you said: it takes a great listener and observer who cares enough to take action.

  53. What’s awesome about me is that I’m willing to learn and share information about paleo lifestyle. I’ve embraced it and cook healthy tasty meals for my family.

  54. What a great thing for us all to comment on! I am awesome because I help people for a living and because of being 2 months into eating Paleo I fit back into these black pants I love today! Woo hoo!

  55. I’m a former figure competitor. I say former because I have since “retired” as I couldn’t take the mental case it made me & my unhealthy obsession with being lean. In the few months after my last competition, I had been beating up my body for everything it “isn’t”, every extra pound I am away from my “stage weight”, untagging every picture, piece of clothing, and glance in the mirror. HOWEVER, about two months ago I found PALEO (hallelujah) (thank you, Balanced Bites, for making me a true Paleo addict)! I can now happily say I’ve never been stronger, happier, or healthier! Yesterday, when I saw my booty in the mirror and went to fall back into my self loathing ways, I turned around and realized that round spandex-covered BOOTY & extra “fluffiness” just back squatted 190lbs and leg pressed 350lbs. BOOYAH. I’ll take my AWESOME filled out jeans any day! 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you for all you do!

  56. I have the gift of hospitality! Love to cook healthy meals and entertain. I love making people feel good and I believe that a nice meal shows lots of love 🙂 I am also self employed and work super hard 🙂 I’m a good wife and mom of two beautiful girls.

  57. I’m me and that’s awesome!! 🙂 I am a great friend to all of my amazing family and friends. I can have fun doing almost anything and I’m pretty awesome at traveling.

  58. I am empathic and outgoing, and I like to think I am pretty funny 🙂
    What a great giveaway! I love Steve’s Club and think it is a fantastic organization!

  59. I’m so awesome because I haven’t given up on my life. I weigh 350 lbs. and just found the Paleo lifestyle a couple of weeks ago. I have given up calories in/calories out. I have given up grains, sugar, sugar substitutes, diet soda, dairy and all fruits except berries and apples. I have given up on the notion that I can never lose this weight. I have given up trying to live on 1,000 calories of fat free food a day and gaining weight from that.
    But I will NEVER give up on the fact that I am awesome and I deserve to live a better life and to be able to move around without pain. And I am getting more awesome every day!!

    1. Great brussels sprouts make the world go round. The other day I had a plate of amazing food, including tenderloin, pickled veggies, this incredible citrus salad, and a few other things…and I saved the brussels sprouts for last. Because they were THAT GOOD.

  60. I love sharing my knowledge on nutrition and creative recipes with others to enjoy. I personally live for adventure and traveling abroad experiencing new cultures. It really opens your mind and helps your learn more about yourself, allowing you to grow more in a positive way every day.
    Thank you for writing such an amazing skincare guide!! A little over a year ago I found your blog, and started following your recommendations and my skin has never been happier! Thank you so much!!!

  61. I am a great doggie gaurdian, I am pretty great about getting people excited aout outdoorsy-ness (skiing, backpacking) via photography, and I am a pretty great ski partner. I make a pretty darn killer kale, fried egg, bacon, blueberry warmed salad too. I think you are awesome Liz, you are my favorite!

  62. I have an incredible thirst for knowledge; I don’t accept things at face value and enjoy digging deeper, and I feel that makes me very well rounded and also very open to people and ideas.

  63. I am awesome because of my dedication to getting an education, despite medical problems that keep taking me out of school.

  64. I’m a proactive Crime Analyst, who actually cares and enjoys my job. I’m a great CEO of saving my own ass. I was diagnosed with cancer last year, decided to stop chemo, and follow my naturopathic docs recommendation of starting PALEO!!!! Best decision I ever made. I’m cancer free and plan on staying that way. I’m honest, a great listener (which I use to listen to Balanced Bites lol) and I’m creative. Basically, I am the straw that stirs the Kombucha & the zzzzzzz in your sleep LOL.
    This was fun!

  65. I am super loyal to my friends and family and true to myself. I work my butt off, but also don’t feel guilty pampering myself after a rough day…hello chocolate!

  66. This post was just what I needed, I have been in a funk for the past month, and it has dropped my confidence and made me feel ick about everything. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that is sensitive and takes things to heart. I have been trying to be more positive and this post, like I said came at the right time, so thank you!
    I am awesome because I am a roller derby skater. I am funny, a goof ball really. I am a good friend, I am a good art teacher, and I am getting better and stronger everyday at CrossFit.

    1. I totally understand, Leigh! I think the key is being forgiving of ourselves while still knowing what we’re capable of, and doing the best we can over time, not putting such extreme pressure on ourselves to be perfect in every moment (or every day, or every month).
      And it is VERY awesome that you’re a roller derby skater! (And everything else you said, too.)

  67. My A1c in Oct 2012 was 6.9, I went for my yearly in Feb 2013 my a1c is 6.0. My a1c was 9.8 in 2011. Now I am very proud of my self…..

  68. I humbly state that I am good at inspiring others. I am good at helping people to spotlight and love the good and beauty within themselves. I am good at all things kitchen, from cooking with passion to making smoothie haters love smoothies. I am good at cultivating joy.
    And you are good at this blogging that you do. Thank you!

  69. I’m pretty awesome for very simple reasons. I’m blessed with an amazing family for whom I’m able to cook healthy meals each and every day. I’ve also recently realized I was put on this earth to teach others about improving their health and fitness and therefore receive the greatest gifts of all, their appreciation and happiness. Oh and my dog thinks I’m pretty awesome, and dogs don’t lie 😉

  70. I am awesome at teaching and organizing. I am extremely awesome at SMILING!!! This world is so lucky to have me…haha!! 😉 great post!

  71. I am awesome at listening and I love to do random acts of kindness. I am also very loyal to the ones I love!
    Great Post!
    BTW- I think you are awesome too!

  72. I’m caring and nurturing to myself and others. I am also great at pottery and creating art, though, I definitely need to make more time for those things.

  73. I am awesome in the way that my priority at 50 shifted to self-care (thank you Paleo!) so that the next fifty will be even more awesome!

  74. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    I love to inspire people to take their health, livelihoods and happiness info their own hands.

  75. I work two jobs, take care of my family and am studying for the MCAT’s. I find peace in my positive nature and try to spread that to people around me. I am thoughtful, hardworking, and judgment-free!

  76. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    What is awesome about me is that I wake up everyday ready and eager to learn something new. I teach at a high-needs school and some days I can feel like no matter how hard I try nothing I do is right or effective for my students. Yet, my willingness to learn and try new things (instead of make excuses) allows me to be the best that I can be at my job, even when those new things fail.
    Also, since going Paleo I have become a pretty darn good cook 🙂

    1. That is really, really amazing! I have a friend who worked in a similar environment, and it was her dedication and persistent compassion that enabled her to do GREAT things for the kids! I have no doubt you’re having a great impact!

  77. I love my animal volunteer work – it challenged me to learn new technologies – so much so that I’m now starting to be paid for it!
    And of course I love all things Paleo!

  78. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    What’s awesome about me is I keep getting up. I take every knock and I don’t stay down. Every day I keep trying to be better. Some days that works and some days that doesn’t, but giving up won’t get me where I want to go so I just keep at it. And I drag everyone along with me that I can.

  79. I am awesome because I genuinely LOVE everyone and try my best to educate,motivate, and uplift them. And of course because I’m subscribed to this blog ;-).

  80. I am pretty sensitive myself, so your comments sure sounded familiar! However, I do believe that I am a great mom of boys. I grew up with brothers, married a wonderful man who is one of five boys, and I have two amazing sons of my own who I am very proud of.

  81. Over the past year, I have finally learned to prioritize eating healthy and working out with overall success! My father passed away unexpectedly recently, but I am still taking care of myself so I can be a better me 🙂

  82. I make homemade soup. I am prioritizing self care. I am in my 40s and getting myself moving. I care for people as well. And I love to cook!

  83. Liz – thank you for this amazing post!
    I am awesome because I have learned to listen to my body, stand up for myself (even against doctors), and try every gosh darn thing I can to be well. As a result, I have healed my autoimmune disease through food…and let me tell you, it feels AWESOME!
    I am also loving/caring for/raising two incredibly cute/active/crazy puppies…who are pretty awesome themselves.

  84. This why I’m awesome: Since I Can remember I had been a sugary cereal, pasta, potatos, no meat or veggie eating person. Whenever my mom would make beef stew I would only get potatos and rice…then I’d get an Ice cream. Why am I so freaking awesome?!? I was 16 and weighed the same as my mother: 185 lbs! Let me point out I’m like barely 5’0 so clearly something was wrong. However I tookthe firm decision–being a 16 yr old–to change my way of life. I began your typical “watching what I ate” thing…and yeah by myself I dicovred how to nourish my body and love it…I have lost about 50 lbs by now and did it ALL By MYSELF. I did this while my family kept refined bread and sugary drinka and thigs in the house…i think it takes some darn willpower to turn those things down, specially for a 16 yr old. And you know what’ms even more awesome? I “coached” my brother–who’s like 3 years older–into a healthier lifestyle and I say thanks to me(and him of course) he has also lost weight and become healthy. I’ve “dragged” my family into a healthy lifestyle 🙂 that and I am an honor roll student, have received special nominations by my teachers. And I’m not gonna lie…I’m the most determined person I’ve met it my life!
    Love the podcast btw! 🙂

  85. Whats awesome about me is that I am a stand that everyone is educated about their food and that everyone with any type of food allergies gets that they can enjoy food and its an adventure. 🙂

  86. I am pretty good at making nutritious foods my three kids actually eat. But I think I am a GREAT mom because I work hard everyday to bring home the pastured bacon (both figuratively and literally) to make sure my kids have everything they need to become healthy, productive adults. Hopefully someday they will appreciate it! 🙂

  87. I love unconditionally…which can also be viewed as a fault. As you say, I’m gonna love the crap out of everyone 🙂 I spend my days lately doing lots of paleo-ing it forward because everyone deserves to have the knowledge I have been given and the gift of health. I am nothing if not a fabulous mom and wife and that’s all I need. LOVE THIS POST LIZ- YOU ROCK! <3

  88. This is a great idea for a contest giveaway. I think a couple of things that I am awesome at are being there for my friends and always being up for trying new things, and tackling new challenges. Including slowly convincing my entire family that they need to go Paleo :p.

  89. I am awesome because I am determined to never stop this journey to learn how to best treat my body. Good enough is no longer good enough. I want the best for me and my family. Thank you Liz for being an inspiration and a teacher.

  90. It’s okay that you are not good at cooking, because I will cook for you! I am an amazing cook and generous friend, supportive daughter, and talented photographer and actress. 🙂

  91. Wow! Love reading everyone’s comments.
    I’m a great wife too, and always looking to grow and learn. Once upon a time I would have said I’m a lousy cook – no more – now I rock in the kitchen making delicious, nourishing meals
    Thanks Liz (and Diane) for all you do!

  92. I love that I have recently started sharing the powers of essential oils with others, so I can bring liberation from our failed western healthcare model and encourage healing in people’s lives!

  93. I’m pretty sure EVERYTHING about me is awesome!! *wink*
    Ok, ok, my double unders suck, but everything else is awesome!
    And, Liz, YOU are also awesome!

  94. Thanks Liz for all you do I listen to you pod cast every week! I hope you realise what a blessing you are to the world!
    I am a great mom! I am also extremely driven and have learnt to trust in myself. When knocked down will fight and get back up. At Christmas I became extremely sick again with an yet unknown illness and was unlable to walk properly or move my hands without severe pain. Now through diet changes alone I was able to not only walk but jog up 4 flights of stairs at work yesterday. I am also a very loyal and loving friend, daughter, sister and wife.

  95. I am a great daughter, sister, friend, and caregiver!
    Most importatnly, I am a great individual. This has really been an accomplishment for me. I used to rely on my ex-boyfriend for all my health and nutrition information. Even though I wasn’t happy, I was afraid to break up because I didn’t know how I could be Paleo without him. Now I listen to the Balanced Bites podcast every day, follow balancedbites.com and realfoodliz.com religiously, and have purchased numerous books and items to further educate myself. I couldn’t be happier or healthier. I have you to thank Liz! Thank you for being such a great Nutritional Therapy Practitioner!

      1. Holy crap! Seriously!?!! =D This is awesome Liz! Thank you so much!!!
        I’m at work right now, holding back some tears. I cannot even begin to thank you enough for everything you have done to help me change my life! You’re a primal saint! 😉

  96. I’m a great mom! I’m mom to 6, one still a kidlet and the others adults. You never stop being there for them.

  97. I’m awesome because I am 48 and continue on my health-for-life journey. At this age, I think many people give up because it’s difficult to make healthy eating and fitness a priority. Somehow I’ve managed. I take it one day at a time and try to make good choices along the way. It’s a life-long research endeavor…always finding new things to eat (like Yacon syrup) and new things to cook. Thanks for your help along my journey.

  98. I appear to have built a reputation for bringing serenity and calmness to the work place and home. It’s not intentional, it just happens and people love it!

  99. Well let’s see… I’m a really good friend, always there for em. Sometimes I’m too good of a friend I try to counteract it by being sarcastic and tickle fights. I’m a good cook, when I feel like cooking anyway. I’m also a pretty good artist. Plus I’m just effing awesome so, yeah! Haha.

  100. I am a great mother. I am a great communicator. I am a great friend. I am a great resource to my colleagues.

  101. I’m a senior city dweller who gave up my comfortable city life to move to the country to become food self-sufficient. We have no experience, few resources and rought terrain in west Texas. I’m awesome. Sandra

    1. Sandra! This is exactly what I hope to do in the next “stage” of my life…which starts in just a few weeks, when we move far from the city. My thoughts are with you – please check in frequently!

  102. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    I’m a hard worker and a great wife! I’ve been putting a lot of energy into eating healthier and healing my digestive issues. I’ve been grain and dairy free for over a month now and feeling great! At 30 years old, I’m finally learning how to cook and have been loving it! I’ve been making delicious paleo meals for my husband and I! Just made some chicken liver cubes and am ready to start incorporating organ meats into my diet. Thanks for all that you do!

  103. I rock because I learned how to swim at the age of 44! I love learning about everything and anything these days! ! I also wanted to mention the funniest comment I have heard on BB thus far has been the “who knows what kind of contestants you have going on in there”. Makes me giggle every time I think about it!

  104. I jumped out of my comfort zone, I didn’t settle on my beliefs and found the Cave Man of my dreams! Paleo power wedding is in progress 🙂

  105. Hi Liz! Let me start off by telling YOU how much I love your humor and your witty writing style; and thank you SO much for introducing me to the oil cleansing method! (Love it!)
    Ok, so recently I entertained the idea of Internet dating. On the about me profile, I needed to talk myself up and pretty much convince all those lonely guys out there that I AM AWESOME…yes really, I’m awesome….but, I quickly realized that this cyber dating stuff isn’t for me….so I deleted my profile. I decided that I would copy and paste my profile of awesomeness for all of you to read and giggle about….:-/ oh this IS embarrassing!
    “I love people who make me laugh. I love God and am thankful for all His miracles. I like to start my day with devotions and P90x and end my day with some yummy dark chocolate (…and I mean real chocolate). I’m passionate about paleo nutrition and healthy living (bacon is rad). I love the visual arts and have a degree to prove it. I have little worker hands because I can paint, sculpt, take photos, nail a picture on a wall, and mix a mean martini…all at one time..not really 😉 I love books with paper pages, even though I have a thing for technology (especially everything Mac). I enjoy riding bikes and full moon hikes. I am strong, independent, hopeful and I have learned that laughter is the best medicine to get through life’s difficult times. I’m actually kind of funny…if you’re listening. Pandora is usually set to Mitch Hedberg’s station. I like clever, witty people…wish I could be one 😉
    I am also an awesome full time mom to a super smart and witty five year old. She’ll keep you on your toes with her ornery humor. If she pinches you it means she likes you.
    And no…I won’t tell you what I will do if I like you…
    (Stop it, I’m a good girl)”

    1. This may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever read…I don’t know why the idea of “little worker hands” is so funny to me, but the image it conjured cracked me up! That, and “riding bikes and full moon hikes.” Amazing! All of it!

  106. Btw, I’m totally laughing at myself for even posting my “profile of awesome”.
    I have to say though, that I think it’s great that you have encouraged your readers to stop for a moment to think about all the amazing things about themselves.
    When I sat down to write my good points, I found it really difficult at first. I had forgotten about the things that made me ME. This past year all my focus was spent worrying about my daughter’s ill health, making bone broth soup, and frequent long stays in the hospital (which btw The Balanced Bites podcast was and still is such an encouragement to me!)
    So, wheb it came down to it, I didn’t think there was anything interesting or awesome left of me.
    But I’m glad now that I made myself think about what I love to do and what makes me special…even if I didn’t use the profile to lure my knight in shiny ciber space armor! I copied and pasted the profile to my phone’s notebook so that I can go back and read it when I’m feeling low and discouraged, or when I just need to laugh at myself and lighten up a bit.
    Ok enough about me…
    Just know Liz that there are lots of us out here that are truly inspired by all your endevours!
    You are Awesome!

  107. I so needed to read this RIGHT at this moment. It’s something that I’ve been trying to work on lately – I have a habit of internalizing EVERYTHING.
    I know this is a slightly older post, but in the spirit of it, I have to add that I’m pretty hilarious to be around, my mind works in ridiculously illogical ways and I make quite possibly the best nightshade-free guacamole in the world. There! I feel better 😀

  108. Liz, this post rocks! What’s awesome about me? I love to take care of people and often show my love through delicious food and other little surprises.
    I just started reading your blog recently and I love the skincare post archive. I haven’t quite bit the bullet with oil cleansing yet, but through your posts and researching it further, I found a suggestion to use 1:3 apple cider vinegar/water toner. Three days in and my skin has already cleared up a TON. So thanks for the skinspiration!

    1. LOVE ACV for the skin! Love love it! Keep in touch on your experiences! (If you’re not ready to BTB with oil cleansing, start with using jojoba oil as a light moisturizer. You’ll LOVE it!)

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