Episode #76: JJ Virgin talks about "The Virgin Diet"

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Episode #76: JJ Virgin talks about “The Virgin Diet”

TVD-Bestseller3D-345wIn this episode we had chat with The Virgin Diet author JJ Virgin about her new book and so much more! Liz and I immediately exclaimed to one another how much we loved JJ after this call – you don’t want to miss it!

We covered some great topics including:

  • All about JJ and her book the Virgin Diet [5:37]
  • Allergy food testing  [11:43]
  • Leaky Gut and the moderation myth [14:35]
  • The 21 day sweet spot [24:15]
  • Making food quality and healing foods easy [30:53]
  • Using fat for fuel [36:40]
  • Calories in Calories out myth [40:08]
  • Tips to manage stress in extreme circumstances [44:32]

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Thanks for listening!
Liz & Diane

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