Video: how to treat a sunburn…naturally!

Last week I talked about why you SHOULD worship the sun – and how to practice SAFE sun exposure. (Hint: it does NOT involve sunscreen…OR sunburns!)
But every now and then, good intentions aside, some of us’ll get boyned. (Which is Jersey Shore talk for burned.)
Here’s how to treat a sunburn naturally – you might be surprised at what I say NOT to use!

Red Palm Oil
Palm Shortening (also fantastic for high-heat cooking and grain-free baking!)
The Purely Primal Skincare Guide 
What are your tried and true sunburn treatments? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for watching!

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8 Responses

  1. The ending of your videos never fail to make me giggle. I’m loving these little informational blurbs and it makes me feel better about never putting on sunscreen. (I’d like to say its cause I already knew this information. But I’d be lying. It was laziness.) But! I have a questionnn. Tanning beds. Yay or nay? Some have been coming out and saying that it can be a good way to get your vitamin D in the winter. I personally am in an area where winter is like Whoville without Christmas. I already struggle with depression tendencies but notice a huge difference when I get about fifteen to thirty minutes of sun exposure. Is it a bad idea to try the tanning bed every once in awhile in the winter?

    1. Jordan, I’m in the “tanning can be a good thing IF…” camp, and it sounds like you’re doing it right. I ONLY recommend the “cheap” beds that have the “burning rays” – they’ll try to sell you on the more expensive beds that “filter out the burning rays” but the burning rays are the ones you actually want, just not in quantities that cause burning. I think we’ve talked about this on the BB podcast – check out the archives at and see what you can find!

  2. Hi Liz-
    This summer for only the second time ever, I got sunburn. A few days after, I had what was described as, “the itch from hell,” and suffered for nearly two days from the itch that wouldn’t stop.
    I found that using peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil (I used coconut) work really well and almost instantly. It was super cooling at first, almost to the point of being uncomfortable, but it faded in about 15 minutes.
    It also made me smell like peppermint which was kind of interesting.
    Anyways, my two cents! Love the blog.
    Dominic of No Bun Please

    1. Thanks Dominic! What kind of peppermint oil did you use – any special brand you like?
      Have you ever seen Mean Girls? “all we’ve done is make Regina’s face smell like a foot.”

  3. So am I understanding you correctly? You’re saying using palm shortening topically can be a good source of vitamin E? Any thoughts on Spectrum brand palm shortening?

    1. That’s what I’m saying, Maria! I’m not super familiar with Spectrum, although I believe they’re a good trustworthy brand.

  4. Hi Liz, thanks for the great tips. I wish I had known about the aloe vera BEFORE applying it to my then 5 year old’s skin. Ouch! Since then, I have found that diluted white vinegar in the shower, takes the sting out immediately (something to do with pH), then followed by moisturizers. Just thought I’d share the vinegar tip. 🙂

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