Paleo by Season Review (+ name that quote!)

This Paleo by Season review is shamefully overdue (ha! I made a rhyme.)
But you have to forgive me, because I love you. (Another rhyme. A regular poetator, I am.)
Two of my favorite people (and my favorite healthy pre-made meal and bestbaconever purveyors) wrote a book. An amazing book. And I luuurve it.
Don’t be intimidated by the fact that Chef Pete is a professional. I’m a bad cook, remember? And even I love this cookbook.
Check out the video, and if you recognize the quote at the end, tell me where it’s from in the comments. Let’s see who has my taste in movies.

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Thanks for watching!

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7 Responses

  1. I freaking love you. How awesome is it to say you are a best selling author? Heck yeah! Paleo By Season looks amazing. Thinking everybody gets Paleo books for Christmas this year… hmmm…

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