Recommended Program: The 21 Day Sugar Detox


Perfect timing,  because I just realized that the biggest 21 Day Sugar Detox group EVER is starting up on January 5 – skip straight to the goods here.

I don’t often review nutritional reset programs because, quite honestly, seven years into a Real Food lifestyle, I don’t do them very often in my own life any more – so I don’t have many opportunities testify to their effectiveness.
However, I’m a close colleague of Diane Sanfilippo, the creator of The 21 Day Sugar Detox online program. She’s my podcast partner and I’ve traveled the country with her, eating charcuterie, attending conferences, and teaching Real Food nutrition, so I’ve had years to witness the program’s growth and the success of those who have gone through it.
Literally. Years. And we’re still not sick of each other. <3
I thought it was high time I say something about it.
This program is built on years of research, development, and countless success stories, and it provides the level of support you need to meet your goals. Period.
Don’t let the word “detox” fool you. Yes, I will admit, it tripped me up for awhile, especially considering the volumes of fad diets, quick fixes, and big (broken) promises on the market these days that trot out the word “detox” as if it’ll cover all the holes in their long-term effectiveness.
The 21 Day Sugar Detox online program is NOT a quick fix or a trendy program. It’s a comprehensive way to build a healthy, balanced relationship with REAL FOOD – which will enable you to meet your goals while sustaining the behaviors that got you there.
You’re DETOXING from all the bullhonkey. Now that’s a detox I can get behind.
Why a “sugar detox?” Because the number one challenge for those trying to get healthy is to learn HOW to game plan their carbohydrate intake in a way that works for them, keeps them healthy, and enables them to reach their goals.
Let’s face it: most of us don’t have issues around eating too much fat, or even too much protein. Fat and protein have been demonized so completely in the modern world, and we’ve been told for so long to eat all kinds of different carbohydrates in their place (Kashi bars with low-fat milk, anyone?) that it’s hardly ever anything BUT carbs that keeps people in cravings jail and blood sugar hell.
Like Diane says, “the problem is that you’ve been fed a big, skim-milk-filled bowl full of lies for the last 10, 20, 30 years – or more!”
The 21 Day Sugar Detox is an online PROGRAM, not a quick fix, so expect more support and resources than you’d get with any other program. Diane provides

  • A HUGE quick start guide (start NOW and keep on learning)
  • 5 modification guides for new moms, athletes, families, pescetarians & autoimmunity
  • FORUMS – which are CRUCIAL for ongoing support
  • Audio support
  • 3 bonus cookbook PDFs
  • Workout guides
  • Discount coupons from 21 DSD Approved vendors
  • Modification meal plans
  • And PLENTY more…
  • PLUS a premium package that includes her best selling PRINT books that complement the online program.

The greatest benefit to this program is that it gives you MORE than you might have signed up for. Yes, most people jump in to lose weight; but the priceless fact is that balancing hormones, cutting brain fog, being ACCOUNTABLE, receiving ongoing support, and busting food myths is absolutely priceless.
So, yes, Virginia. I do recommend The 21 Day Sugar Detox online program. Learn more here or click below!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Liz
    I was reading the article “Recommended Program: The 21 Day Sugar Detox” on,realfoodliz , and I absolutely loved it! I think the readers of my magazine would love it too!
    We’re doing the magazine’s next issue. We’re wondering if we could reprint that article and give you credit for it? We can provide a link to your website.
    Rosetta Wood
    P.S. I’m starting this Paleo Diet Magazine about my journey as a mom through the successes and learning experiences in health and fitness. I would like to include you in my journey.

    1. Hi Rosetta! I really appreciate your interest in my writing. I would need to chat with you via email before giving permission for this. Please reach out via the “send me a message” link at the bottom of my sidebar and we can discuss. Thanks!

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