Real Food Liz Radio 007: Steph Gaudreau talks The Performance Paleo Cookbook

Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo and The BRAND NEW Performance Paleo Cookbook talks her story, eating for performance, a whole foods approach to training, positive feedback for unhealthy habits and MORE on this episode of Real Food Liz Radio!
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I love Steph’s work – a few of my favorites from her blog:
The 1 thing to DITCH from your diet right now
Trading sleep for training: why it’s not worth it
Easy pan fried lemon chicken 
Topics from the show:

  • Steph’s story
  • How we met
  • Changing careers & having the trust to take the leap
  • USA weightlifting
  • “Real Food” approach to training
  • Where stress & sleep enter the equation
  • She tried Zone…how it worked (or didn’t)
  • Can you live your life on a competition prep diet?
  • Real food & competition prep
  • How Steph feels about cardio
  • What I mean when I say Steph looks HOT
  • Positive feedback for unhealthy habits
  • The Performance Paleo Cookbook!

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