Video: why you should worship the sun (and how to get SAFE sun exposure)

Note: after you watch the video, check out this post for my updated sunscreen recommendations & sunscreen knowledge! My stance on sun exposure tends to surprise people. When I tell folks that I make unprotected sun exposure a priority, I usually get some pretty crazy responses. “I NEVER leave the house without sunscreen!” “Aren’t you […]

Nutritional Therapy Association NTP program review [video]

Thinking about turning your passion for holistic health into a career? I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and I get quite a few questions about my education. I thought it was high time for a Nutritional Therapy Association NTP program review! My nutrition credentials are what powers my podcasts, […]

Why grass fed is best: 4 major benefits of grass fed meat! [video]

The grass fed “trend” is growing by the minute, and folks all over are realizing the benefits of grass fed meat! (And for the record, I don’t actually consider it a “trend.” It’s more getting back to basics and un-industrializing our food system. But I digress.) Grass fed is so much better for the health of our bodies […]

How to survive the holidays & stay healthy without going crap-food crazy [+ video]

The latest video from Real Food Liz TV is all about how to survive the holidays & stay healthy without going crap-food crazy! But first, a confession: I don’t particularly like the movie Christmas Vacation. I mean, it’s ok. If you like Randy Quaid in a dickey. I’m just sayin’ – there are much more “classic” movies out […]

Are Omega 3 eggs healthy? The truth about Omega 3 eggs…

Are Omega 3 eggs healthy? While you probably know how I feel about egg yolks, there’s always more to know when it comes to our food. Lookit: I’m not trying to make everyones’ lives harder by getting all controversial over a perfectly healthy food. Eggs are good for you. What I AM trying to do […]

Paleo by Season Review (+ name that quote!)

This Paleo by Season review is shamefully overdue (ha! I made a rhyme.) But you have to forgive me, because I love you. (Another rhyme. A regular poetator, I am.) Two of my favorite people (and my favorite healthy pre-made meal and bestbaconever purveyors) wrote a book. An amazing book. And I luuurve it. Don’t […]

Video: how to treat a sunburn…naturally!

Last week I talked about why you SHOULD worship the sun – and how to practice SAFE sun exposure. (Hint: it does NOT involve sunscreen…OR sunburns!) But every now and then, good intentions aside, some of us’ll get boyned. (Which is Jersey Shore talk for burned.) Here’s how to treat a sunburn naturally – you might […]

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