Why grass fed is best: 4 major benefits of grass fed meat!

The grass fed “trend” is growing by the minute, and folks all over are realizing the benefits of grass fed meat!
(And for the record, I don’t actually consider it a “trend.” It’s more getting back to basics and un-industrializing our food system. But I digress.)
Grass fed is so much better for the health of our bodies (and the planet, contrary to popular belief – a topic I myth-bust in my book Eat the Yolks) than conventional grain-fed! As the movement grows, we need to let folks know why grass fed is so special.
And what better way to learn more about grass fed meat than from a gal (me!) wearing a gingerbread man sweater? 
I plan my wardrobe so that you know I’m serious.
Check out the video for a rundown on 4 major benefits of grass fed meat!

Here’s the link I meantion on decoding labels. And check out my “making it affordable” video here!

  • The CLA content of grass fed beef: a cancer fighter!
  • The Omega 3: Omega 6 RATIO (and why it’s skewed in conventional CAFO meat)
  • The nutrient profile (vitamin A, amino acids)
  • NO remnants of added hormones & antibiotics
  • Bonus: more humane treatment of animals because they’re eating a more natural diet

Find your locally-raised grass fed beef at EatWild.com!
The learning curve for cooking grass fed beef and pasture raised meats can be a bit steep, but once you’ve got it, you’ve GOT it.
I have LOVED my Jaccard tenderizer for making my grass fed meats even more delicious.
Books that might help: Paleo Grilling, The Farmer and the Grill, Tender Grassfed Meat, and The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook and…well…pretty much any Paleo book these days!
Leave your thoughts about grass fed beef (and cooking it to perfection) in the comments!
Thanks for reading & watching!

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