Perfect EDIBLE real foodie & Paleo HOLIDAY GIFTS! {hint, hint}

Here’s the number one feature of a perfect real foodie or Paleo holiday gift: it must be FOOD. (Unless it’s my best selling book, Eat the Yolks. Duh.) I’ve searched the farthest/furthest corners of Ask Jeeves the world for the best, most perfect, most exciting Paleo-friendly nifty-gifties out there. These are at the top of my […]

Talking Eat the Yolks on the Elevate Your Energy Podcast!

Do you like insightful questions asked in a mellow, soothing tone that reminds you of a breezy, sunny summer’s day? Stories about nuns who force you to eat your animal fat? Then this podcast is for YOU! I loved the insightful questions Evelyne asked me on the Elevate Your Energy podcast about my food philosophy […]

The UN-podcast: talking Eat the Yolks on Finding Our Hunger!

I recently had the honor of chatting with Kaila and Ito at the Finding Our Hunger podcast. Chatting with these two was like having a lively, invigorating chat with old friends. These two ROCK, and I came away with renewed enthusiasm for connecting with others in this Real Food community. This was a podcast interview […]

Introducing Eat the Yolks!

My book, Eat the Yolks, is a Wall Street Journal AND an Amazon best-seller! Find & get your print copy here. Also available on Audiobook and iBooks! “Ever heard of Pollan, Nestle, Ruhlman? Morons.” -Vizzini Look, I don’t like to toot my own horn (okay, yesIdo) but why does food writing these days have to be so […]

Quote from Eat the Yolks: we’ve been lied to.

A visual look at a “food stamp” I made of one of the quotes from my upcoming book, Eat the Yolks. The book ships in late February. I’d be honored to have YOU as a reader! Every pre-order helps this book take another step towards the mainstream. If you ordered, please let me know in […]

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