Talking Eat the Yolks on the Elevate Your Energy Podcast!

Do you like insightful questions asked in a mellow, soothing tone that reminds you of a breezy, sunny summer’s day? Stories about nuns who force you to eat your animal fat?
Then this podcast is for YOU!
I loved the insightful questions Evelyne asked me on the Elevate Your Energy podcast about my food philosophy and Eat the Yolks! Plus, Evelyne has an AWESOME broadcast voice. Very soothing. Like butta. (Butter is soothing, in case you didn’t know.)
I’m just sayin’. It’s a bonus.
Have a listen – we talk all about Eat the Yolks! (You could win a copy, too!)
Click here or on the image below to check it out!
Elevate Your Energy Radio with Liz Wolfe NTP - Eat the Yolks
Thanks for reading (and listening!)

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3 Responses

  1. Your new book looks fabulous! I have just discovered you and your blog and look forward to exploring. I would love to win!!!

  2. I just ordered two books from Amazon today. I heard your podcast with Crystal. I have GP and I have a friend who has severe celiac disease. I’m excited to read it. I plan on telling all my friends and family about the book. It’s for everyone.

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