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Uncurated Interview Liz Wolfe Eat the Yolks
I recently had the honor of chatting with Kaila and Ito at the Finding Our Hunger podcast. Chatting with these two was like having a lively, invigorating chat with old friends. These two ROCK, and I came away with renewed enthusiasm for connecting with others in this Real Food community.
This was a podcast interview unlike any other I’ve done. I’m SO grateful I had the chance to talk with these women!
(Please excuse the obscure, under-developed, slightly nonsensical “fishing analogy” I threw out into the internet abyss.)
To top it off, Kaila did a truly flattering review of my book, Eat the Yolks – which is a fun, funny, info-packed (if I do say so myself) journey through the last 50 years of nutrition dogma and myths we’ve been fed about food!
Eat the Yolks releases OFFICIALLY on February 25! You can pre-order on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 
Click here to listen to the podcast, and click here to read Kaila’s review.
Thanks for reading & listening!

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  1. Hi Liz! I loved your solo podcast – you rocked it 🙂 I’m wondering if your book will be coming out as an iBook. I try not to buy paper books because they tend to take over my small apartment 🙂 Thanks!

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