Perfect EDIBLE real foodie & Paleo HOLIDAY GIFTS! {hint, hint}

Here’s the number one feature of a perfect real foodie or Paleo holiday gift: it must be FOOD.
(Unless it’s my best selling book, Eat the Yolks. Duh.)
I’ve searched the farthest/furthest corners of Ask Jeeves the world for the best, most perfect, most exciting Paleo-friendly nifty-gifties out there. These are at the top of my list – for giving and receiving. Hint, hint.
Now, I say “Paleo-friendly” because my first concern here isn’t Real Food Perfectionism. This time of year I’m much more Primal Hedonist than Food Fun-Hater. Like I always say: caveman would if he could.
These goodies won’t derail you. They’ll probably even keep you sated, even as you’re hungry for more. Hungry in a balanced, non-desperate kind of way.
They will definitely make your holidays happier. (Material things always do that, right?!)

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #1: gluten-free slice & bake cookie dough

My friends from Primal Palate developed this amazing slice & bake cookie dough for Cappello’s. Yes, it’s pricey, but have you SEEN the ingredients lists on store-bought slice & bake? Besides being a disaster for those with gluten or vegetable oil intolerance, it’s also a disaster for those with unnecessary chemical, preservative, emulsifier, or garbage intolerances.
And by “intolerances,” I mean people who are unwilling to tolerate that crap in their food. 
If you’re up for a splurge this holiday, this is the one. Yum.
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.45.59 AM

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #2: sardines and seafood. Yes, sardines. And seafood.

I’m a little obsessed with sardines. Fish oil…meh. I want all the goods that are supposed to come WITH my EPA/DHA. Like CoQ10, calcium and protein. (Lots more on that in my book.) What better way to say “ditch the pills” with love while staying in the holiday spirit? By buying your loved ones the sustainably-sourced seafood from Vital Choice!
As a native Kansan, forced-Missour’an, I’m not at ALL keen on the seafood choices I’ve got out here. Just…no.
Vital Choice sells top-notch seafood, but even better, it is a fantastic company. I’ve had the chance to meet the folks behind the fish, and they know their stuff. They’re passionate people AND they’re Balanced Bites podcast sponsors! (Check out this podcast post for a Vital Choice discount code for podcast listeners.)
They’ll ship the gifts of your choice on whatever day you want. I’m a huge fan of their sardines, their oysters, and their caviar. And pretty much everything else.

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #3: CHOCOLATE.

Since the chocolate/coffee bar I recommended last year is no longer available (the company is on “hiatus”), I need RECOMMENDATIONS for great crap-free, DARK chocolate nifty gifties!
The rule: if it’s not above 80% cacao, it’s not really dark chocolate. Nope. No it’s not.

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #4: Hail Merrys.

Hail to the Merrys indeed. The best way to get a gluten-free coconut enthusiast in a Happy Holiday tizzy is to send ’em goodies like these.
They have some RIDICULOUS macaroon flavors in their holiday gift packs, including strawberry shortcake, chocolate, and sea salt caramel. Ingredients center around organic maple syrup, organic shredded coconut, fair trade dark cocoa, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and sea salt.
Bring these to a party and nobody will touch the flour-filled “special brownies.” (Actually, I guess that depends on what kinda party we’re talkin’ about. Amiright?)

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #5: the best book ever. (Okay, so you can’t eat it. But you can metaphorically devour it.)

Shameless plug: My book Eat the Yolks is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and it’s just begging to be on your shelf! If Michael Pollan and Tina Fey had a book baby, this would be it.
When a skeptic asks you the following questions about your Paleo/Primal/Real Food choices…
Haven’t you read The China Study?
Isn’t all that cholesterol going to clog your arteries?
Don’t you need whole grains and vegetable oils?
Why doesn’t your chosen diet have the word “Skinny” in it? 

…You can simply hand them my book. It explains everything, from how the Margarine industry and the factory farm industry are connected; how we got hoodwinked by Canola Oil, and why meat-eating is definitely sustainable and ethical. All with a healthy dose of snark, sarc and sat. (And truncs.)
Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

Paleo-friendly Holiday Gift #6: the best Olive Oil ever.

REAL, delicious, peppery Kasandrinos EVOO from the company owner’s family village in Peloponnesos, Greece is the most unique, spectacular olive oil you’ll ever taste. Trust me.
Many folks aren’t inclined to buy themselves truly spectacular olive oil for everyday use, so a good EVOO (and maybe a nice balsamic vinegar) make such a classy, tasty, welcome holiday gift.
I dip, top, and drench veggies in this stuff. I even use it on my skin. It’s legit.
Let me know your favorites in the comments.
Thanks for reading, and happy gifting!

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15 Responses

  1. Love this list but mostly the Mr. Panos reference! As a Greek Cave Lady I’ve followed Mr. Panos for a while – although I haven’t been able to eat Yia Yia’s cooking in a while 😉

  2. I recently discovered Hail Merry macaroons and yes, they are little balls of perfection. I’m doing a secret santa thing at work and I have to get a gift for a 20 year old male who is starting to get into crossfit. I want to get something not edible for under $20. Can you help me out?

  3. bahaha i love the note on the cover of your book. I want to pre-order sooo bad but amazon never delivers stuff to my house, always gets returned! So I must wait. Booo. these are all great gifts though!! Coffee bar? YES PLEASE! Paleokits? PLLLEAAASEE SANTA!!! I could go on, but i wont 😉

  4. I got my coffee loving sister a bottle of Chameleon cold brew to go with a Caffeine molecule necklace from Etsy. No Crapbucks giftcards this year!

  5. Raaka chocolate is the best garbage-free dark chocolate I’ve found. Their truffles and bonbons are AMAZING and their bars are fabulous.

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