How to stick to your diet (it’s not what you think)

Okay, people. We need to have a serious talk. A serious talk about HOW TO STICK TO YOUR DIET.
This is so very important, because most strategies just don’t work. That’s why so many people fail when they adopt a new diet.
Seriously. Too many people are walkin’ around this planet, justhisclose to diet failure. Just one bite of a sticky bun, and it’s aaaalllll over, folks. If you don’t develop some kind of foolproof set o’ rules to keep yourself compliant, you might as well just throw in the towel. And replace it with a Fruit Roll Up. (Ewww, sticky.)
Okay, so I’m being flip. Glib, even. Because there’s far more to figuring out how to stick to your diet than just finding some brand new way to discipline, coax, harangue, or otherwise force yourself to stick to your diet.
Check out what I have to say in this video. It might surprise you. And leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

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6 Responses

  1. As always, wonderful video. Couldn’t agree more with your message and how you get it across – and I could not have said that a few years ago! You were a huge inspiration in my mental transformation towards loving real food and ditching the diet mentality. Thank you for putting together such wonderful content and for your fabulous book!

  2. aaaaaaand this is why i love you so much, girl!!!!!!!!!!! xo
    what an amazing way of putting out this info!!!!!!!! you’re truly so amazing, Liz. So amazing. I would LOVE to partner with you and promote positive body image with WHOLE REAL food!

  3. I LOVED this video Liz, you totally hit the nail on the head. I struggled to follow the ‘diet’ dictated by what I ‘could’ and ‘couldn’t eat’ which I was given when I was four years old. Then I found paleo and the Balanced Bites podcast, did a 21dsd and learned about WHY those foods were a no no for me and how to get some of them safely back in my diet. Being told I couldn’t eat soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, citric acid, tomato, pork, lamb, beef, mushrooms, alcohol, citrus fruits and juices etc with no explanation led to constant falling on and off ‘the wagon’. It was just a set of rules to fail at.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this kind of stuff, Liz! You always say it so well. As a fellow ex-serial dieter, I am SO happy to have finally found freedom from stressing about food choices through eating real food. This is something I discuss at length in a recent post I wrote called, “Why I Stopped Caring About Being Skinny” (link below).
    Many of the things you and Diane have said on the BB podcast have helped to shape my views on weight and health. Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom, experience, and positivity with the world! <3

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