Podcast Episode #82: Carb confusion, gout, thyroid & plateaus, baby food

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The latest “red meat will kill you” headlines – debunked by Chris Kresser here, Chris Masterjohn here, Denise Minger via Mark’s Daily Apple here, and Ray Medina here.
1. Carb intake confusion
2. Pre/post workout meals for athletic performance
3. Vegetarian diet & gout
4. Are there paleo foods that babies should avoid?
5. Paleo friendly herbal teas?
6. Hypothyroid & how to get over a plateau?

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1. Carb intake confusion for athletic performance & 21DSD

Adriana says,

I’ve been doing paleo since January 2013 and absolutely love it, but am still new to it. In Feb 2013 I started doing Crossfit. I’m trying to get to a healthy weight, so I’ve been following the guideline to keep Carb intake at max 75g. My question is, should I be calculating my carb intake from my vegetables (greens, etc) along with my dense carbs sources? I have your 21-Day Sugar Detox eBook program, and reading the modification it seems like the carb intake from dense carbs should be at max 50g but vegetables are unlimited. I’m a bit confused, any help would be greatly appreciated!

2. Pre/post work meals

Taylor says,

had a question regarding the Athletic Performance diet. I currently get up at 5am, eat a snack and head straight to the gym for 60 min to 2 hours. What I’ve been eating in the morning is PB on toast with a protein shake. I am looking to switch to your Athletic Performance meal plan, but I’m concerned about what I should eat before the gym now. Can you offer some suggestions? Or do you recommend I not eat all before the gym? I typically do cardio and weightlifting five days per week.

3. Vegetarian needs help with gout flare ups

What do you recommend for gout control? My husband is a fit 31 year old male. He exercises, maintains a good weight and does drink beer/booze on occasion. How can he better control gout attacks?  He currently started a vegetarian diet (I know, gasp!) because he was besides himself with the gout flare ups. He typically has a nutrition bar for breakfast (something like a Zone or Luna bar) and tons of water with that. For lunch, he will make tuna salad over lettuce, maybe leftovers for dinner (see dinner) For dinner, he typically has either fish or tofu, vegetables and some kind of starch like rice, pasta or potato. We use olive oil, coconut oil and butter as our fats. He will also eat eggs on the weekend. He loves his bread. Any and all. White, potato, etc. Loves his beer too. Drinks on weekends mostly. Only good beer, but he will have 4-6 on Friday and Saturday night.

4. Are there paleo foods that babies should avoid?

Kara says,

Hey Gals. I’m super addicted to your podcast. I have already listened to every episode and now I wait every week for a new one just as eagerly as I wait for a New Girl episode or a Downton Abbey episode! I have always been super passionate about nutrition and I am going to start distance learning class from the National Therapy Association in the fall. Every time I think about it my heart starts to beat so hard from excitement that I almost go into a happiness comma! Ahh.

I want to ask about a zillion questions, but for now I will just settle with a few. (I would love to go to a seminar, but we are moving to Hawaii in a week….please go to Hawaii! You know you want to! Crossfit Big Island.)

My first question is about baby nutrition. When my 5 year old was a baby I always heard not to feed babies honey, peanut butter and egg whites, berries and other stuff to them until they were 2.

What kinds of food do I need to avoid for my 14 month old as far as Paleo foods go? Right now I’m the only one in my family that eats Paleo. I’m transitioning everyone over as we speak. The transition will be complete when we move cause we won’t have any CW food in the house when we get there! YAY!! I have been easing off on the milk and giving her diluted juice. I would stop all together except she needs the bottle to fall asleep and I don’t want to take it from her during all this moving mumbo jumbo. She mostly eats veggies and fruit (bananas and apples) and whatever meat I cook. Can I give her almond milk or coconut milk in her bottle?

I’ll just hit you up with that one question for now….but you will be seeing some more from me in the future!

Thanks for all you guys do! Kara kara bo bara. (Or just Kara)

5. Paleo friendly herbal teas?

Hi Diane and Liz,

I have a question about herbal teas. I know herbal teas are paleo (and 21 day sugar detox – on day 6 and going strong) approved, but I noticed that in Yogi brand teas, specifically the “Relax” blend, barley malt is one of the ingredients. How disappointing. :/ What brand of herbal teas do you recommend that are 100% paleo friendly, preferably 100% organic, and contain herbs that relax the mind and body? Thank you for all of your hard work!

6. Hypothyroid & how to get over a plateau?

Craig says,

I’ve listened to all of your podcasts, you two crack me up and it’s obvious you love what you do. I’ve purchased three copies of Practical Paleo for family members and got Liz’s Modern Cavegirl for my wife on Valentine’s Day (Yeah, romantic, right?!) Don’t be hard on me She got flowers and so much more too… I’m a 51 year old male, athletic (or so I tell myself), I have Hashimoto’s and possibly Adrenal Fatigue, maybe even low Testosterone (I know I need to have it tested however the $$$). I’ve been Paleo for about 16 months now and noticed a difference in my health within the first month of this switch which is why I am staying on it for life. After listening to your podcasts on A.F. and hearing about the relation to Thyroid conditions I’ve used the Lenten excuse to promise myself to stop drinking alcohol primarily to heal my liver and the related issues I have with my obvious Autoimmune condi tion. (Eczema is another) Because I hear from all Paleo related podcasts that the liver converts T3 to T4 or whatever…. I know I’ve hurt mee-self (no didn’t have that tested, I just think I have)…

My question is: After drinking Potato Vodka (to avoid gluten) approximately three glasses per night for three years, how long should I expect it to take to heal any damage it may have done? I ask this because with all else I do Paleo, I’m not improving past my plateau of 6 months ago where I lost 35 lbs of body fat, increased lean muscle mass but can’t lose these Hypothyroid symptoms. I’ve been scoped & core sampled, I don’t have cancer, just a low performing Thyroid.

Never a heavy drinker, but started this three glasses per night thing about three years ago.

I avoid Gluten at all costs, even switched out toothpaste to avoid gluten & fluoride as recommended by Nora Gedgaudas.

I am a moderately low carb Paleo eater, avoid even 24 hr soaked rice, potatoes, quinoa, legumes, etc…

Quit Coffee two months ago and that was my only dairy with the exception of the occasional GF Pizza I make….

Grass Fed beef when I can get it, range chicken the same, very little pork or lamb. Organic eggs which I should probably stop eating. Avoid nightshades per your recommendation, see I’ve been listening and I even asked you in person at your book signing in Pgh about which part is worse the seeds or the meat of the nightshades?

Daily supplement with 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil, Ester C; Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil & high DHA/EPA Fish Oil (800 each); Dessicated Liver, Thyroid & Adrenal tabs or caps; Liver support cap w/Milk Thistle, Carlson’s Vit D drops, Vitamin A. Sunflower CLA. I double up on the fish oils because I eat a lot of beef.

I’m 5’8″, 185 lbs with a goal weight of 175 because I’m muscular (not “big boned” LOL)

Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

Exercise consists of: Three nights per week, 20 minute circuit Kettlebells with a finish of 15 minute Ab Ripper X (from P90X). Two nights per week 1-1/2 hour Mountain Bike rides (avg HR 145 Beats Per Minute, Max 172-175 BPM) (at 51 yrs my max is 170 oops!). It’s winter here so MTBing comes rarely these days.

Thanks for listening!
Liz & Diane




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