Paleo Fx: pictures (and puppies!)

Paleo F(x) 2014 wrapped up just a few days ago (if you missed it, you can still get the goods here), and while I was only able to go for one day, I still left with LOTS of memories.
Paleo F(x) is a Paleo/Primal/Real Food-oriented ancestral health conference/vendor showcase in Austin, TX where many of the brightest minds in science, biology, fitness and PALEO YUMMINESS (let’s be honest, that’s the REALLY exciting part) get together to eat chocolate talk about food and health.
But mostly eat chocolate. Eating Evolved chocolate, to be specific. The most amazing chocolate ever, ever.
Eating Evolved Chocolate.jpg
Not only is their chocolate awesome, but they’re supremely delightful people. Check them out.
I also got to meet Sarah of The Paleo Mom and The Paleo Approach (which I reviewed here.) She’s beautiful inside and out!

Paleo Mom

One of my favorite people (and moms-to-be) Steph G. of Rock Your Hormones was at the Paleo coffee spot Picnik Austin, and we got to chat for a moment. Steph is a Registered Dietician doing AMAZING things, and she’s passionate about helping women balance their hormones based on her own experiences recovering hormonal balance through smart movement and real food. Check her out!
(PS: I had permission to touch her pregnant belly. Don’t worry. I’m not a super-creeper. Just a somewhat-creeper.)

Steph G

Speaking of Picnik Austin, I highly encourage everyone to check out this awesome Paleo coffee spot. They’ve got healthy grain-free meals and treats, and it’s the Bulletproof coffee capital of Texas (and possibly the world). If you’re lucky, Naomi may even pose for a “Prom Pic” with you!


Speaking of “prom poses,” I also (finally) got to meet Trina of Primal Life Organics in person. Trina contributed her extensive expertise to Purely Primal Skincare Guide, and we’ve got some really exciting plans in the pipeline.


I also got to sign lots of copies of my book, Eat the Yolks, and connect with many amazing, supportive readers! I’m beyond grateful for all the support you all have shown my book. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


One of the most exciting parts of my trip, however, had nothing to do with Paleo. I actually got to visit our new furbaby-to-be, Scout! Scout is a sweet rescue who is currently living with my good friend April, who is fostering her.

Scout 2

When April first brought Scout into her home, she knew she’d found the perfect dog for us. We agreed, but she’s too small (and prone to carsickness) to travel to Missouri with us just yet. So April is taking care of her for a few weeks until we can bring her home! (More on Scout when we become her “official” family.)
The good news: Scout ran right up to me as if she knew I was her “person.” We got off to a great start together. Until we took these pictures, where she looks like she thinks I might be murdering her. Sorry, Scout. I just needed to stock up on those puppy cuddles!

Scout 1

That’s it for now! Thanks to all who took the time to chat at Paleo Fx. See you next year!
Thanks for reading!

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15 Responses

  1. Scout is just the cutest! I’m so excited for you to have another fur baby in your life because they are the best kind of babies if you ask me 😉 I’m so glad I got to see you at Paleo f(x) on Friday. You are always so sweet and genuine and I truly enjoy speaking with you even if it’s only for a hot minute! Isn’t Naomi the best? I’ve become a semi regular there and all the lovely ladies who work there are just so much fun. Despite being completely exhausted I am sad Paleo f(x) is over because it’s so nice to be surrounded by so many awesome like minded people like yourself…til next year I suppose 😉

    1. I’m so jealous of you being a “regular” at Picnik! I would go there every day if I could just to soak up Naomi’s energy! Loved seeing you again, lady. You are so memorable – I’m glad we met!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics! I was so bummed to not be able to make it but I had my first NTP workshop which was amazing. And Phoebe from Dragonfly traditions skincare is in my class. Can’t wait to try her skintervention inspired products!

  3. Hey Liz! Fellow Missourian question here… we’re looking to source grassfed beef, pastured pork and chicken. I live in the Lee’s Summit area. Not sure which area of the state you’re in, but are there any farmers you recommend? I have been on but wanted to see if there was anyone specific you recommend. Feel free to email me if that is easier 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hey Leslie! I was just in Lee’s Summit today 🙂 We get raw dairy and meat from Art Ozias at Breezy Hill Farms near Centerview!

      1. No way! How cool is that, we’re neighbors. Maybe we’ll run into each other in town one day, and I’ll totally dork out over meeting you. Thanks for the farm rec – I saw Breezy Hill on Eatwild, I’ll take a closer look. Thanks again!

  4. So I’m eating a salad w/sardines right now. (I never would have tried sardines if it weren’t for you, but I really like them and eat them a lot!) but one of them is BLACK inside. The meat is not black all the way through, but it has a black… coating. Has this happened to you?! I don’t think I’m going to eat it…

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time at PFX! I had fun looking at the photos. Hopefully one day i can afford to go to austin (or anywhere…SIGH!!! Young life) Also if I could get my hands on some eating evolved chocolate that’d be grrrrrrreeeeeeaaat.
    Ps scout is such a cutie <3

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