The Paleo Approach Review & Video: the NEW book by Sarah Ballantyne (Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body)

Has changing your diet helped your autoimmune disease? Let me know in the comments!
Do you ever just shake your head in total awe?
That’s what I did when I received my copy of The Paleo Approach. I shook my head in awe.
Much like the way I reacted to seeing the Parthenon. And the Grand Canyon. And Hamlet 2.
Some things are just too amazing for words. That said, I’ve got a website to keep up with, so words I must find.
The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne is the kind of book that all wellness practitioners need on the bookshelf. It’s also the book that everyone suffering from an autoimmune disease should own.

The Paleo Approach Review

The best part? It’s written for both. It’s a vital book for practitioners, and it’s perfect for the person dealing with autoimmune disease.
Whether you’re interested in post-translational modification (you don’t have to be, but it’s in there); in testimonials from those who’ve healed from autoimmune disease (like Mickey Trescott, who also wrote a fantastic book); or you simply want to know what the heck to talk with your doctor about, this book’s got it.
Most important: it’s got the full rundown on foods that’ll help and the foods that won’t, from fats and oils to spices and animal foods. It’s got everything. (Like I said: shaking head in awe.)
Sarah – who can be found at her website,, isn’t far removed from the book she’s written. She has an impressive academic resume, including a doctorate in medical biophysics, but she’s also had the journey of healing her own body: she healthfully lost over 120 lbs, while healing a litany of physical problems and autoimmune disease.
Toldja this book has it all. (Check out the “look inside” function on Amazon for more.)
And for those who’d rather watch a lil’ video (with outtakes) on my thoughts about this book, I put something together for you, too. Check it out!
(If you can’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube.)

Has changing your diet helped with your autoimmune disease? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
Thanks for reading & watching!

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