Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 20

Saturday, July 31, 2010
I felt like too much of a geek to take photos of the Paleolithic Solution Seminar this weekend (review post to come), though I was tempted. Robb Wolf is a really, really down-to-earth, insanely well-educated, public-service-minded, paleo-passionate individual. The take-home of his seminar – aside from all the science-y stuff that explains HOW eating real, whole foods and grass-fed meats makes you healthy and hot (odd, right?) – was to encourage us to create a personal proving ground for this Real Food Nutrition “thing.” To share our experiences, thoughts, and issues and not just take someone else’s word for it. Evidence is powerful. That’s what my “Mouth Money” schtick is all about.
The PS Seminar was in Arlington, VA at Potomac Crossfit. They were truly awesome hosts. Of course, I had to pick up a shirt.

This I firmly believe.

Breakfast: A huge helping of eggs, sausage, a Jersey peach, and leftover Paleo Porridge (Sorry, no pics of breakfast this time! We packed it up and ate it on our way out the door.)
Because we had to leave for Arlington by about 5:30 AM and wouldn’t have lunch until about 1:00, we had a good 7-ish hours between breakfast and lunch. Husband and I marveled during the lunch break that we hadn’t felt one ounce of hunger or craving over the entire stretch we had between meals. In a room full of the body heat of 50 people listening to science, science and more science we remained alert, awake and satiated for the entire morning. Eating real, filling food takes care of such deranged feelings of urgent hunger and blood-sugar crashes.
Lunch: Our favorite – Paleokits and Paleo Krunch! We knew we’d be going out for dinner in Arlington so we kept lunch simple and inexpensive.
A variety of easy-travel Paleo goods.

Dinner: The best thing ever. Meat on a stick. Lamb, chicken and sausage from a Lebanese restaurant with a green salad topped with pickled veggies and olive oil. Came with free bread, but guess what? We politely declined it. That’s what you do when you’re given something you don’t want to eat. Graciously and gratefully say thanks, but no thanks. Maybe give them a little backrub to ease the pain of not wanting their Pita.
Its actually quite easy to find decent food if your feet arent glued to the floor of your local McDonalds.

We enjoyed NorCal Strength & Conditioning’s Famous Head Changing NorCal Margarita when we got home to celebrate an awesome day. It’s a basic blend of premium tequila, seltzer water, and the juice from a whole lime. Thank you, Robb Wolf, for your many contributions to society. Thank you, above all, for the NorCal Margarita.
NCSCFHCNCM. Do you think my acronym will stick?

An awesome day of learning. While you don’t need a foundation in nutrition science to benefit from eating the Real Food, it’s certainly advisable  to have a solid grasp of the “why.” Knowledge truly is power – it precludes backslides and moments of dietary insecurity. The more you know, the easier it is to make the right choices continually.

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    1. Whuut? I will be there in a few weeks again for a school conference…I will LYK if I think I’ll make a drop-in! Might not have time, but if I’ve got an “in…”

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