Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 19

Friday, July 30, 2010
A quick post before bed – It’s Friday night and tomorrow we’re driving the 3-ish hours to Potomac Crossfit in Arlington, VA for the Paleolithic Solution Seminar! Can’t wait to learn from someone who make it his business to stay on the cutting edge of performance and lifestyle nutrition.
Breakfast: Paleo Porridge and 2 scrambled eggs. The Paleo Porridge was so ridiculously filling – and because it qualifies SOMEWHAT as a “substitute food” (as it was not eaten in its natural form and thus is extremely calorie-dense) I recommend eating it slowly and eating a half-portion. This stuff is FILLING – it’s a perfect breakfast when you’re planning on compressing your “eating window,” which I did today. One half-serving of the porridge recipe would yield a good 700 calories.

Delicious Meal #1 of 2 for the day.

Lunch: As previously stated, I had a “compressed eating window” today. Because I needed to go to bed VERY early for a 5AM departure, I didn’t want to eat too close to bedtime. I also didn’t want to eat too close to workout time (6pm). So I made breakfast and lunch REALLY count. Lunch was a large sweet potato with a big dollop of ghee and 1/2 lb. of beef, burger-style.
Coworkers are starting to act interested...

Lean beef jerky and a few cherries an hour before working out rounded out the day.
Today’s Workout: 1000m row “buy-in” where I practiced my rowing technique (as counseled by Rachel Greengas, who rules the world) followed by 20 minutes, AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 deadlifts (115lbs this time), 10 push-ups and 10 box jumps. Goal was 10 and I fell just short of 9. Slow and steady with the goal of maintaining my pace throughout.

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7 Responses

  1. PS you should advertise your blog at the seminar you are at – you are a good writer, informative and funny!

    1. You are too nice, Heather. I’m convinced that a broader audience would intimidate me to the point of writer’s block! It has been fun so far…

  2. You have no idea how reassuring and exciting it is to see a burger on this blog. I bet I could even have a bacon burger with avocado…a personal favorite, even if I were to leave off the cheese and bun!
    And the above commenter is right, Liz. LOTS of people would love to read this. Maybe you should get Justin Bieber to hook you up with his FB fan list? 😉

    1. Of COURSE you could make an avocado bacon burger! That sounds amazing! Make me one while you’re at it. A bun would only interfere with the truly mouthwatering taste of a great burger. Feel free to use your fingers instead of a fork – true primal eating!

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