Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 21

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Quick clarification: I did not “work out” this weekend. I took 2 days off. (gasp!) I prefer to train about 4 days per week. That’s what I was doing before “Mouth Money,” and that’s what I’ll continue to do to make careful and steady progress in the gym with ample time for recovery and recreation (like yard work!) … Whatever results I share after 30 (or maybe 60…or 90…) days of all-Paleo will be based on nutrition only – all other factors being equal.
Today I made a trip with The Caveman down to the Headhouse Farm Market in Philly. The ulterior motive of this trip across the river was to introduce him to the Mouth-Happy that is Mixto, a latin-inspired, passion-infused example of why I love living here; and why I love having Crossfit friends that hit their workouts hard and then enjoy the heck out of great food. Thanks to Meghan and Anna for introducing me to this place last week.
Brunch: Same as last week – orange-spiced scrambled eggs, chorizo, plantain, and a veggie mix on top. This time they left the potatoes off as requested.

Great service, breezy weather and a yummy Sunday brunch.

Though we requested otherwise, we were brought a basket of warm bread. Thus began Husband’s whirlwind romance with a tiny yet persistent sparrow.
I wasn't jealous. The relationship wasn't going anywhere. (*wringing hands*)

Spence’s frittata, chorizo and avocado didn’t last through the first stage of bird courtship.
Frittata: Next on my Primal Kitchen agenda. If only because it's so fun to say. (FraannCISco! That's fun to say!)

After a leisurely stroll through the farm market and a bit of city driving, we were back home and resumed being boring married people. I took some time to talk to my basil plant, which isn’t weird at all. Really.
She just GETS me.

Dinner: Delicious pork sweet sausage from Cherry Grove Farm (just pork and spices), grilled along with a few zukes sprinkled with EVOO and garlic salt. A cross-sampling of farm market tomatoes drizzled with EVOO and fresh basil rounded out the meal.
I poked a few holes in the foil to allow some of the juices to drain out. Roast at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

There you have it - a pretty nice little Sunday.

As if Sunday couldn’t get any better, Mad Men is back. Peggy seems to have really come into her own! (“Jooohhhn!”)

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2 Responses

  1. Possibly related posts included “The raping of Prague.” I’m intrigued but also mildly terrified to click it. Do you think the bird flirtation or the conversations with basil caused blogger to make that connection?
    Um, reactions: Mixto is amazing. Your roasted tomatoes look amazing. Mine didn’t make it into any cooking, just ate em like popcorn.

  2. I just clicked on it. I couldn’t help myself. Annnnd, it’s awesome. Hahahahaha.
    “Wednesday 12th August
    I have docked in the city of Prague! And a wonderful city it be. The beer flows like blood and there are meats aplenty! AWAY WITH YE, VEGETARIANS! Get your emaciated scurvy-free bodies away from me! Yarr har har har!
    Thursday 13th August
    Another wond’rous day in this fair city! I traded a few meagre pennies and I drank all day. Whores I had too! (though you can only eat one or 2 before you’re full, so be careful what you order)”

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