Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 12

Friday, July 23, 2010
Today was a great food day. Everything unfolded well.
The fridge is looking a little skinny – we started the day with the following:
Veggies: One spaghetti squash and half-eaten portions of sweet potato, green pepper, onion, and tomato;
Meat: Bacon, 1lb. grass-fed beef, 1lb. grass-fed lamb, leftover rump roast
Fruit: one peach
A year ago I would’ve determined there was “nothing to eat” because nothing interesting jumped out at me right away. I also had about 15 minutes to get breakfast cooked, lunch packed and off to work – which, come to think of it, would’ve been about the same amount of time I would have spent in the drive-thru line.
Breakfast: Man cannot live on bacon & eggs alone. (Actually, that’s false. I would be delighted to live on bacon & eggs alone.) But for the sake of variety and the goal of this blog, I went for an egg-free scramble of grass-fed beef with the rest of the tomato, onion, green pepper and sweet potato (sweet potato makes everything better). This took me about 10 minutes to make and pack up to eat at work.

Sweet potato tastes amazing with red meat.

Lunch: I just packed up the peach and a big chunk of Rump Roast and grabbed a bag of Steam-in-the-bag green beans from a very kind co-worker. Who wasn’t actually at work that day. Which reminds me, I need to grab a replacement bag for the work freezer.
Don't judge me. Co-worker wanted me to have them.

For you Paleo watchdogs – yes, I ate what is technically a bean. Because they are delicious, they are green, you can eat them raw, and it was a good choice yesterday. They aren’t even close to the same league as other “beans,” a conclusion I support with this article at the Weston A. Price foundation. The things you must do to make other types of beans remotely digestible for humans is far beyond their nutritional (or non-nutritive) worth.
Dinner: I re-made the meatballs and spaghetti squash from my Delicious Dinner #1 post, with a few modifications. I picked up a bottle of Jersey Fresh tomato sauce – ingredients are tomatoes, herbs, and a bit of merlot. No patience for homemade sauce tonight. Also – I’ve noticed that breadcrumbs are truly NEVER necessary. Meatballs are totally delicious without them, and you can bread meat with herb seasonings.
I credit my friend Quinn for introducing me to spaghetti squash in college, when I thought an oven was for storing dirty dish overflow and eggs were best cooked in the microwave. For the spaghetti squash, simply stab holes around the intact squash and bake at 375 for an hour. Allow it to cool a bit before slicing in half lengthwise, removing the seeds, and attacking with a fork to shred into “spaghetti.”
Take out your anger on a spaghetti squash.

Click here for a fun little page on squash, the cutest little food on the planet!
Meatball Ingredients
About 1lb. of a mix of grass-fed lamb and beef
Big spoonfuls of dried parsley, basil, oregano, marjoram and thyme
1/4 c. almond flour from Nuts Online, an awesome NJ-based company
1 egg
Combine all and roll into small balls. Place in a dish or on a rack with a dish to catch any drippings below. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.
A fast and easy Paleo-approved meal.

A fun game for children and Husbands is to serve this meal using the squash halves as bowls. Just shred, scoop some out to make extra room, and add the meatballs and sauce. Delicious dinner, served with a refreshing beverage – carbonated water with the juice from 2 whole limes.
The squash bowl!

Today’s Workout: I took a nice, long walk with the pooch this morning, a relaxing counterpoint to this evening’s brutal Crossfit session. Lots of power snatches – my favorite, second only to the power clean. It’s cute how I can’t drive the car or be inside without the A/C at full blast, yet I can suffer through an hour of snatch work and met-con in 95 degree heat in an open-air gym and relish every minute. I suppose that’s love.

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