Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 11

Thursday, July 22, 2010
I can’t remember if I promised my three readers (Hi mom! Hi Gramma! Hi Real Housewife Dina Manzo!) a “warts and all” approach to “30 Days,” but today you’re getting it – a nice little rough-hands post to prove that Paleo Land isn’t always Beautiful; although it is often a very tranquil shade of Boring.

Sometimes you just have to hang in there. BAHA!

Thursday I just didn’t feel like it. Didn’t feel like getting up, didn’t feel like sleeping, didn’t feel like being a pleasant and accommodating wife. (Though somehow I ALWAYS manage to be pleasant and accommodating, don’t I, Husband?)
What I felt like was sitting on my arse, watching reruns of Mad Men while NOT going to work, followed by NOT cleaning the bathroom.
Instead I went through the motions – which sometimes is all you can do. What’s important is that you SHOW UP. This is something Rosemary and I have discussed multiple times. Even if you’re not going to hammer out a banner day, you still have to show up and go through the paces.
Breakfast: 2 slices of bacon and the last of the cold leftover Day 9 casserole a la Blue Collar Bolognese. Thank goodness for leftovers!
Lunch: More leftovers –  Sausage Stew and steamed veggies. I’ve made the stew nearly every week lately because the very hearty greens keep extremely well. For the sake of variety, however, I’m going to shake it up in the coming week. Stay tuned, readers!
Dinner: Because my workout was scheduled for 6:30 PM, I needed to eat dinner beforehand. 8PM is just too close to bedtime to eat for me. I ate a big whack of free-range beef jerky from Paleo Brands and a handful of macadamia nuts.
Based on a few e-mail exchanges with some awesome friends curious about Primal/Paleo living, I feel like it’s worth clarifying: This boring, semi-light food day didn’t bother me. When you allow yourself the opportunity to eat the way you’re supposed to eat and stick with that through the adjustment period, you no longer have physical feelings of deprivation or cravings that lead to bad choices. I don’t know how much more simply to put it.
If you really want to go for it, here’s a no-nonsense guide from Whole9.
Here’s a video that may help expand on this a bit:
Today’s Workout involved some brick & mortar Pull-up work (remember my goal from yesterday? I haven’t given up on it yet!) and a few 500K rows – a nice little trade-off. I did my best to stick with the stroke of the indomitable Rachel Greengas, who was fresh off competing in the Crossfit Games Affiliate Cup. She and Lindsey Smith, one of the fittest women in the world (literally – ranked!) are my role models. All went well until I forgot I had a set of situps left with the clock still running. Idiot.
Sleep was excellent. I fell asleep holding hands with Husband, which is my favorite. (Sorry Hubs, gotta share with the world how you earn your points.)
For those of you wondering just what is this “Crossfit” thing I ramble on about, check out these quick videos. These people are the elite performers in the sport, but represent the guts, humor and try-hard of the whole movement.
*Hopefully the videos are working now…sorry about that.

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2 Responses

  1. Pleasant and accommodating? Hmmmm….
    Yep, showing up is important. I’ve been faithfully showing up for my 4 mile walk/run this summer, (when I’m not golfing), and always feel happy when I’m done–better than choosing not to go. The sense of accomplishment is worth it. Love you, daughter.

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