Modern Farm Girls Podcast 006: Homegrown Paleo Cookbook/Joel Salatin, Allan Savory, winterizing the homestead & favorite books

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk Joel Salatin’s foreword to the Homegrown Paleo Cookbook, Allan Savory, winterizing the homestead & favorite books!
Mentioned in the podcast:
Allan Savory’s TED Talk (amazing!)
Wendell Berry The Unsettling of America
Rodale Book of Composting

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14 Responses

  1. Cattle that grazed according to Savory’s method needed expensive supplemental feed, became stressed and fatigued, and lost enough weight to compromise the profitability of their meat. And even though Savory’s Grazing Trials took place during a period of freakishly high rainfall, with rates exceeding the average by 24 percent overall, the authors contend that Savory’s method “failed to produce the marked improvement in grass cover claimed from its application.” The authors of the overview concluded exactly what mainstream ecologists have been concluding for 40 years: “No grazing system has yet shown the capacity to overcome the long-term effects of overstocking and/or drought on vegetation productivity.”

  2. Hi Liz! I’m really enjoying the Modern Farm Girls podcast! Keep ’em coming! I would love to hear you ladies discuss composting 101. We purchased a house two years ago and inherited a lot of garden space for a city lot. The previous owners cut the yard in half, had 6 raised garden beds, hops, and 2 huge composting bins. After one summer of keeping the garden, we decided to convert half the garden back into a yard (we have a toddler & a dog-we wanted to give them space to run). I kept three of the garden beds and am learning as I go through trial and error. I still have the two composting bins, but I think that’s still too much so coming spring we’d like to get rid of one and use that space for more container gardening. So yeah, I’d like to know more about composting, what to use/what not to use and how it all really works.

    1. This is a great topic, and one I’d love to learn more about as well! I haven’t been happy with our compost so far, but we’re trying to find a good balance. I think Diana has lots of expertise on this topic. I’ll add it to the queue! And what a cool situation to move in to! I swear, half the bottle is building those darn raised beds!

  3. What?! Pregnant?! Congratulations Liz!!! Thanks for this fun podcast guys. Country (Missouri) born girl here now living in NYC. This podcast is a great escape from city life. I hope to live in an area where I can apply all again this one day 🙂

  4. I’m SOOOO excited and happy for you that you’re pregnant! My husband and I waited a good 5 years to even decide to try and now I have a 3 yr old. After going through the experience, I wish it for every woman who finds she does want a baby. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and you’re going to love it! And you’ll hate it and won’t want to admit it but in a split second, you’ll love it all again! 🙂 I cannot wait to hear all about how you feel and what you do with things. Please share. People LOVE all things pregnancy/birth/baby…or is that just me? Congrats again!!

    1. Aww, thank you so much Jenny! I have no idea how we got here – we didn’t think we’d take this road, but here we are! THESE are the words I need to hear. I’m torn about sharing because this has been such an amazing yet private experience. I am keeping a journal and putting together a fertility and pregnancy program, but still not sure how much of the deeply personal stuff I feel comfortable sharing. I think after the fact (as in after the BIRTH 🙂 I might have some better perspective on this! Thank you so much for the sweet words and well-wishes!

  5. Congratulations, Liz!!! I am SO happy and excited for you!! You asked me a year ago how it was to be a mother – and I can honestly tell you that it has been the most overwhelmingly amazing and beautiful adventure. Our journey has not been without its stumbles… Let’s face it… I literally knew nothing about children before I had Ruby! The year has flown by and the little critter is doing great. It has been the best (and most challenging) year of my life. I didnt realize that my life was not complete until we welcomed her into our little family – but it wasn’t. I hope you do share your experience! Again, congratulations!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. YAY!! Congratulations!!! Raising a little human is the most amazing experience ever. You will be so blessed, there are just no words… And way to go with cloth diapering too. I was intimidated by wool but we primarily cd our kids and it is great!!

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