Modern Farm Girls Episode 001: Meet Diana & Liz!

Modern Farm Girls Podcast Episode 001: Meet Diana & Liz! We’re real food radicals bringin’ backwoods back.
YO: This podcast is co-hosted by my farming friend Diana…my OTHER podcast, the Balanced Bites podcast, is co-hosted by my foodie friend Diane! Two different, equally awesome people with very similar-looking names!
Modern Farm Girls
Episode 1 of the Modern Farm Girls podcast is all about your hosts, Diana Rodgers and Liz Wolfe (that’s me!)
Diana and I talk about how we got into farming and homesteading so you can get to know us. We’ve got lots of great shows and guests lined up for this MONTHLY podcast (look for us the first TUESDAY of every month!)
We’ll take your questions in future episodes – submit ’em here.
We’re also on iTunes! Check it out and be sure to subscribe. And if you’re up for it, positive reviews always help!
You can also find us on Stitcher.

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16 Responses

  1. Check out the mini cows. They are supposed to be nicer and are also a good choice for meat. I am so wanting a mini Jersey cow for milk.

    1. We’ve decided on Dexters, which are a small breed! It was a tough decision, but I think it’ll be great! We pick them up in September!

  2. Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next one. I listened to it while nursing my newborn- a great way to multitask 🙂

  3. Loved it! Cannot wait for the next one. Looking forward to hearing all about the highs and lows of homesteading. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. So happy you’re doing this podcast! We have a small homestead in Oregon and I’m pretty much obsessed with all things homesteading. It’s nice to connect with people who understand!

  5. I am excited to hear your next podcast. My husband I have been paleo for two years and are growing a lot of our own food and staying organic as possible.We too are figuring things out as we go. What an adventure.

  6. This’ll be great! I’m looking forward to future podcasts and the forums. And I’m not at all self conscious about posting at a site themed “modern farm girls.” No, not at all. Really. No kidding.

  7. So excited about this podcast! This will be very helpful as I attempt to turn my 0.21 acre Syracuse NY city lot into a little homestead. We currently get our meat from Happy Hooves Organic farm ( in Upstate NY and would probably be a great resource in keeping cows (esp in cold climates like Diana!) Can’t wait for episode 2.

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