Modern Farm Girls Episode 001: Meet Diana & Liz!

Modern Farm Girls Podcast Episode 001: Meet Diana & Liz! We’re real food radicals bringin’ backwoods back. YO: This podcast is co-hosted by my farming friend Diana…my OTHER podcast, the Balanced Bites podcast, is co-hosted by my foodie friend Diane! Two different, equally awesome people with very similar-looking names! Episode 1 of the Modern Farm Girls […]

Simple Stuffed Grape Leaves (Paleo friendly!)

This post originally appeared in 2011.  Way back in “the day” (which was a Wednesday, BTW) Husband and I honeymooned in Greece. I won’t regale you with all the OhMyGodWe’reMovingThereNOW details (read this post for more hot Greek action and food porn), but in short – it was the most incredible country with the most amazing […]

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