Balanced Bites Podcast #454: HRT, Hormones and Midlife Health with the Founders of Wise + Well

#453: Today I’m chatting with the founders of Wise + Well: Functional Health Coach Maria Claps and Functional Nutritionist Kristin Johnson. Wise + Well is a nutrition and lifestyle company focused on whole health transformations for women in midlife. 

We cover SO MUCH, including HRT, the debunked Women’s Health Initiative; the importance of lifestyle (period!); WHEN to test and WHAT to test in perimenopause; your hormones; and how to tell if you’re experiencing menopause (vs. encountering life’s stressors during midlife). Kristin and Maria expose the truth behind common misconceptions, the age you should start taking HRT (the answer may surprise you) and so much more!

Whether you’re experiencing perimenopause or simply seeking to understand more about this phase of life, this episode promises to leave you empowered and informed.

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