Balanced Bites Podcast #453: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids: The Immune System, The Vagus Nerve, and Microbiome Magic with Holistic Pediatrician Elisa Song

#453: Holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert Elisa Song, joins me for a compelling conversation about treating illness, kids’ immune systems, the vagus nerve, and “man colds” (yes, really)! She talks all about the meaning of integrative medicine, her thoughts on antibiotics and why you shouldn’t freak out when your child has a fever! We discuss the gut microbiome, the most vulnerable times in your child’s life, why they should avoid social media and so much more!

Through her practice, Whole Family Wellness and her company, Healthy Kids Happy Kids, Elisa is revolutionizing children’s health and helping thousands of children thrive in the process. By integrating the best of conventional pediatrics and functional medicine, homeopathy, essential oils, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elisa is on a mission to educate and empower so that we can raise children who are flourishing in mind, body, and spirit. 

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