Balanced Bites Podcast #448: Blood Sugar Balance, Motherhood, and Building a Business with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly Leveque

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#448: Entrepreneur and Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly Leveque is here! Today we chat all about blood sugar, motherhood, and her super power as an entrepreneur that you can apply to your own life. We dig into why you need to keep your blood sugar balanced, the importance of consuming more protein (especially during pregnancy), how to get your kids to eat more wholesome foods and her hacks for cooking in the kitchen and feeding a family of 5! She also gives a rundown of her go-to beauty products for her glowing skin.

Kelly is a best-selling author, wellness expert and celebrity holistic nutritionist. Her past clients have included Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Emmy Rossum. Kelly created the Fab 4 Formula so everyone can maintain balance in their life. 

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