Balanced Bites Podcast #449: BIG NEWS! Liz’s HUGE Announcement and Everything You Need to Know About Amino Acids

#449: Liz is FINALLY ready to share her big news! She announces the launch of her Daily Aminos+, the first product in her NEW line of supplements, specifically formulated for women 35+ and she wants YOU to have access to her exclusive discount code. In this episode, Liz reveals why amino acids are essential for women in midlife (and beyond) and highlights their benefits for supporting lean body mass, boosting energy levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and promoting overall wellness. She shares why she created the IdealAge supplement line, the meaning behind the brand, why she added 2 crucial ingredients to the Daily Aminos+ (hint: it’s to level up your metabolic support!), her personal experience with supplementation, and so much more!

To pre-order the new IdealAge Aminos Acids, click HERE.

For the exclusive discount code: use code Liz15 for 15% off one and use code Liz20 for 20% off two or more. 

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