I’m sick of talking about adrenal fatigue.

Hi, friends!
Today, I’m back from baby leave to talk about something that, quite honestly, I’m sick of talking about.
But I felt this was important enough that I had to take a moment (and pull myself out of my blissful baby blur #thesweetest) to talk frankly about it.
Metabolic issues. Unexplained weight gain. Insomnia. Chronic fatigue. Caffeine dependency. Whacked-out hormones. All possible signs of the underground issue in our community: adrenal fatigue.
In my years of podcasting, writing, blogging, and working as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the Paleo/Real Food-sphere, I’ve seen more people dealing with adrenal issues than I ever thought possible. Every year it gets worse.
Real Food people: we are burning. ourselves. out.
And we need to FIX IT. We do all this in the name of HEALTH, so how ‘bout we actually stay healthy?
In the quest for great health, better bodies* and happier lives, we’ve “hacked,” elimination diet-ed, and “clean eating”-ed our way to total burnout. And it’s not just emotional burnout.
*“better bodies,” is, of course, relative – a HEALTHY body is a “perfect” body IMO.
We’ve driven ourselves to flat-out physical burnout of two of our most important glands: our adrenals.
These are the glands that determine
our hormonal function,
our ability to respond to stress,
our ability to regulate body fat,
our immune system, and
our metabolism. OUR METABOLISM, PEOPLE.
In our go-go-go culture, the constant overstress-overwork-can’t-catch-up-tired-weight-gain-frustration is almost a badge of honor.
It’s like we think we’re SUPPOSED to live that way, as if there’s some kind of honor in pushing our bodies to the limit.
There’s no honor in treating our bodies like that. But there are consequences. And for far too many, that consequence is adrenal fatigue.
If you’re not sure what “adrenal fatigue” means, here’s the deal: it’s a REAL medical issue with extensive research backing it up. (Clinical term: HPA Axis Dysregulation. Huuh?)
It can happen without you even knowing it.
It SUCKS. And it sucks the life out of – well, living.
How do you know if you’ve made an enemy of your adrenals?

  • You can’t lose weight.
  • You’re chronically fatigued.
  • Seriously, you’re constantly exhausted – beyond the ability to just “perk up” with a cup o’ Joe (or six Five-hour Energy shots).
  • You literally feel like your system is down in the morning. You’re not just tired. You’re physically incapable of jump-starting your body.
  • You struggle with insomnia.
  • You experience low blood pressure and brain fog.
  • Despite being tired, exercise sometimes seems like the ONLY thing that gets you going.
  • You deal with a seemingly endless list of food sensitivities – but the more you restrict, the more “elimination diets” you go on, the worse it gets.
  • You struggle with hormonal issues.
  • You gain weight despite “doing everything right.”
  • Your test results say so (more on testing in a few).

Too many people – maybe even YOU – are crashing and burning and dealing with symptoms like these. Half the podcast questions and requests for help I get these days are related to adrenal fatigue. That’s too. many.
You all are my friends, my colleagues, and my community, and this is a story I’m sick of hearing.
Yet I can’t fix it by just answering a podcast question or responding to a blog comment. Perhaps I could help in my private Nutritional Therapy practice, but I’m closed for new clients while I bask in baby bliss.
And hardly anyone can patch together satisfying answers for themselves by stalking blogs, message boards, and podcasts for the puzzle pieces to INDIVIDUAL recovery. That approach is disorganized, it’s unreliable, and it takes too long.
Yet it’s been the only real option for a very long time.
It’s time to put some skin in the game by INVESTING in an organized, proven approach for recovery, just like any other human would do for any other diagnosis.
Enter Paleo Rehab: Adrenal Fatigue.
This is a program I’ve reviewed personally and extensively. It was created by two Paleo-friendly REGISTERED DIETITIANS who have a stunning functional knowledge of what it takes to recover from adrenal issues.
Those who are truly in the adrenal dungeon will understand what a targeted program and a chance at recovery could mean to their lives, and this is the first program of its kind that truly addresses recovery step-by-step.
It’s more than I could ever do for you.
Yes, this is a paid program, and if you don’t feel like you need it, perhaps you’re not truly in the depths of adrenal fatigue. (That’s good news for you!)
If you’re just tired, and you suspect your adrenals aren’t happy but you’re not feeling the need for a recovery program, here’s what to do: prioritize sleep. Ditch caffeine. Work less. Relax more. Eat healthy carbs. Eat ENOUGH food. See where that takes you.
If you need more help – if you just can’t live like you’ve been living, or you suspect a crash is on the horizonthis program will give you the tools for recovery. I can personally vouch for that.
You’ll learn:

  • What adrenal fatigue REALLY is – and whether you might have it (no more guessing – or worse – wondering if it’s all in your head, or if you just can’t hang with all the motivated people who never seem to take a break).
  • The TESTING you need to determine your level of adrenal fatigue (be sure to sign up for the FREE PRAF video training series here to learn about the testing you can do NOW).
  • What SUPPLEMENTS can help your recovery (no more wasting money on whatever new capsule all the bloggers are taking)
  • How many CARBS and CALORIES you actually need to recover your metabolism (and how BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL and a KETOGENIC DIET factor in to adrenal recovery)
  • How to EXERCISE so that you don’t make things worse
  • WHAT TO EAT (including meal plans!) and why Paleo may have failed you
  • The FOUR LIFESTYLE FACTORS that are requirements for recovery

And much more – check out the website for more details.
You’ll also get interviews with health experts like

  • Chris Kresser
  • Aglaee Jacob
  • Lily Nichols
  • Jen Sinkler
  • Summer Innanen
  • Kate Callaghan

Ready to move forward? Not sure? Totally uninterested? Wherever you stand, PLEASE: truly, honestly evaluate how you’re living and how you feel. If you’re suffering – or THINK you’re suffering – check out what this program has to offer by going here.
I want us ALL to be at our healthiest, and I’m thrilled that there’s finally a program to make sure that actually happens.
Maybe we can all quit talking about adrenal fatigue and start kicking its ass to the curb.
Have a look at the program here – peeks are free! (Plus, if you sign up, they have a 60-day no-risk guarantee.)
Here’s to healthy adrenals, a strong metabolism, and happy hormones.
PS: It’s important to me that you know that I WILL make a commission from your purchase of this program. I NEVER recommend programs that I can’t vouch for or don’t personally believe in.
PPS: check out some Q&A below from the Paleo Rehab site to learn more.
Q. Why are so many people in the Paleo/Real Food community suffering from adrenal fatigue?
A. It could be the personality type that Paleo attracts: Type-A personalities who want to do it all, right now, who are burning themselves out with work, more-is-more exercise, and an unknowingly flawed food plan.
It could be that people who are already suffering find this community and hope out-of-the-box Paleo will fix their problems.
It could be that we’re just the first community to honestly TALK about adrenal fatigue and bring this catastrophic issue to the surface.
No matter which it is, if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, it doesn’t matter why. What matters is that you FIX IT.
Q: My doctor told me “adrenal fatigue” isn’t real… what’s that all about?
A. Doctors’ eyes tend to glaze over when they hear terms that sound like they’ve come straight out of the mouth of “Dr. Google.” The real term for “adrenal fatigue” is “HPA axis dysregulation” and it’s actually a well-researched condition with lots of evidence to support its existence.
We use the term “adrenal fatigue” in this program because it’s the term most people use to describe the condition. But rest assured that HPA axis dysregulation is real, and it’s absolutely possible to heal from it.
Q: How do I know if I have adrenal fatigue?
A. Get tested! While you can sometimes diagnose adrenal fatigue by symptoms alone, you’ll only really be able to know what specific supplements to take by identifying the stage of adrenal fatigue you’re currently in.
Make sure to sign up for the free video training series to learn more about testing. This information is also covered within the program itself, but you may want to get your testing done before you sign up so you can jump right into the recommendations.
Q: Do I really need to buy a program to learn this information?
A. This course is much more than just an informational program. If you want to save time, money, and energy by accessing the information you need in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion, you will benefit enormously from this program.
Healing from adrenal fatigue requires more than just reading pages and pages of information – you need to know how to apply this information in a clear cut way that takes the guesswork out of healing.
Many of our patients are suffering from the intense overwhelm that comes with what feels like spending all their time researching – they’ve usually read all the books and blogs, listened to all the podcasts… and they’re still having trouble. All you need to do is simply follow our step-by-step program – no outside resources or hours of study time needed.
Q: What if this program is too expensive for me?
A. Please don’t buy this program if it means you won’t have enough food on the table. That will only add stress to your life, and stress is one of the root causes of adrenal fatigue.
But consider this… how valuable it is to you to finally feel better. What is the price tag for feeling energetic every single day?
All the information to get you on the road to healing has been packaged into a step-by-step program with all the information, testing, supplements, and dietary guidance you need, without the cost associated with working with a practitioner one-on-one.
Q: Can I do this course if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. Yes! Just note that you may not be able to incorporate a lot of the supplement recommendations until after you are finished nursing. Do not take any supplements without checking with your healthcare provider first.
Q: Is this program appropriate for a person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
A. Absolutely! Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has a lot of crossover with adrenal fatigue, and our program is a perfect fit for those suffering from either (or both) conditions. This is a great place to start to get you feeling better quickly.
Q: What if I’m not following a Paleo diet?
A. That’s okay – you’ll learn about the ideal diet we recommend for those suffering from adrenal fatigue within the program. As long as you’re willing to follow a gluten free, real foods diet with animal products included, you’ll be a perfect fit for the course.
If you are not at all interested in incorporating animal products into your diet or eliminating gluten, this is not the program for you.

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5 Responses

  1. congrats on Baby Bliss! Interested in this program but where do I sign up for the free PRAF video training for learning about testing for adrenal fatigue? Thanks!

  2. Is it possible to be suffering from adrenal fatigue and experiencing weight loss? I’m in the midst of a stressful life change but have suspected adrenal issues for a while now.

    1. It is definitely possible, Debbie. It can have a lot to do with which stage you’re in, but it can also just be a matter of how your system reacts to stress and what happens to adrenal output. It can differ from person to person, but the consequences are the same.

    2. Debbie, forgive me, I thought I replied earlier – the answer is YES. Have a look at their program. They have a money back guarantee, so no risk for you. 🙂

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