DIY soothing facial toner!

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Natural skincare is incredibly biologically active.
This means that skincare derived from nature is very powerful, and can do everything from stimulating growth and repair to calming and cooling inflammation. Then again, if you choose powerful natural skincare that’s not right for your skin type, you might not get the results you want!
This means that when you seek natural skincare products, you’ve got to think about exactly what your skin needs! The same natural skincare products don’t work for everyone.
For those with very sensitive, easily irritated skin, it’s important to give the skin no more than it can handle. This isn’t doing too little – it’s doing exactly enough! Using natural skincare that’s soothing, cooling and calming is a must.
This homemade soothing facial toner is composed of soothing, anti-inflammatory aloe juice and cucumber hydrosol, as well as tea (depending on skin type) that helps to balance the skin from the outside.
This toner is basic, but it’s exactly the kind of care that very reactive skin needs.
Here’s what to do:
If your skin is easily inflamed, red and irritated, choose chamomile tea. We like Traditional Medicinals, available here or at most natural grocery stores.
If your skin is acne-prone, choose green tea. We like Yogi tea, available here or at most natural grocery stores.

  1. Brew your tea and set aside to cool. Once tea has cooled, combine:
  2. ONE part tea
  3. TWO parts aloe juice (we only recommend Lily of the Desert preservative-free, with a small amount of citric acid)
  4. TWO parts cucumber hydrosol (we like this brand)

Pour toner into a spray bottle for spritzing over the face. It’s best to use a smaller spray bottle, as tea’s potency declines over time. Store in the refrigerator if possible, and use after gently cleansing!
All ingredients can also be found at most natural grocery stores.
Thanks for reading!

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