Do topical probiotics work?

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Probiotics don’t just work from the inside.
We recently got this great question from a PPSC reader:
Do topical probiotics work? Are they necessary? And if so, what brands would you recommend?
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The short answers: yes, sometimes, and P2 Probiotic Power (formerly PIP Healthy Products/Protection in Probiotics). In particular, their spray.
The long answer: I’ve recommended topical probiotics in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide since day one. I love them, I think they’re brilliant, and as with any and all skincare products, not everyone needs them. But those who do need them see great results.
Topical probiotics, and any topical treatment, only works when it’s what your skin needed in the first place. Much of the skincare “game” is figuring out what your skin needs and giving it those things. This is, at times, a harder journey than it may seem – but when you figure out what your skin needs, whether nutritionally or topically, you can address whatever you’re dealing with effectively and swiftly.
If your skin has an imbalance of surface bacteria, evidenced by a high degree of inflammation, especially in those angry, stubborn blemishes that just continue to flare seemingly endlessly, or if you suffer from body acne, probiotic spray can work wonders.
Probiotic spray, over time, can help balance the bacteria on the surface of the skin. When this happens, the “bad” bacteria that thrives on skin’s sebum and causes inflammation is, in effect, “crowded out” by beneficial bacteria. Allowing your skin to “air out” (especially those acne-prone parts that are often covered by clothing) is beneficial after you apply probiotic spray. Probiotic spray can also be an excellent protective treatment for rashes, broken skin, eczema and other issues where it’s important to protect vulnerable skin from bad bacteria as it heals. Additionally, some skin conditions are thought to be associated with changes in surface bacteria – attempting to normalize it gently with topical probiotic treatments is certainly worth trying.
Topical probiotics serve a different purpose from probiotic supplements taken to impact gut bacteria. While both can be extremely effective, you wouldn’t necessarily choose one based on the other.
As always, remember to spot test!

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  1. Hello beautiful Liz!
    By now, I’m sure you recognize my name from asking questions on facebook or through the podcast. Hope you’re doing well.
    Would topical probiotics work for such skin conditions as eczema? Does it matter how much you use? The person affected in my life is a 4 year. Also, could topical probiotics work for conditions such as pityriasis rosea? Two completely different conditions I know, but I have people in my life affected by both.
    thank you for your time.

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