Skincare Saturday: what do you know about Neem?

I want to share a funny story with you. In 2009, a girl went to her friend’s bachelorette party. Things happened. And the internet never forgets.
Important note: parts of that story were exaggerated by the press. Other parts…were not.
Now, picture how awesome that story was. Because I’m about to tell you about something that’s even MORE awesome.
Don’t believe it? Then you haven’t tried Neem oil.
Neem has become one of my absolute skin care favorites, whether for acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, or anti-aging. I wrote about it for the Purely Primal Skincare blog.
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9 Responses

  1. Holy crap, that was an awesome story. I’m dying to know how you fit into this story and which details were exaggerated (and which were not).
    I’ve been playing around with Neem, Tamanu, and Borage seed oil, and I’ve found that if I combine one drop of Neem with a couple drops of Tamanu as my “bonus oils” in the full OCM, the nuttiness of the Tamanu nicely masks the musky garlic odor of the Neem. I’m not really loving the Borage; it always seems to make my face smell fishy the next day and makes the bathroom smell a little like an algae bloom. I get absolutely no fishy smell from the Beauty Balm, but I sure get it from the Borage.

    1. Haha, crazy, right? Nobody punched a horse and nobody WE knew launched a giant inflatable you-know-what…
      Some random guy stole the inflatable you-know-what and was goofing around with it a little too close (mind you, it was 6 feet long!) to a mounted police officer (oh, the irony of that phrasing)! Inflatable went flying horse-ward, punch-free drunkenness ensued, and a few gals went to the “drunk tank” to sober up. I still think the cops were just a little embarrassed about the whole thing, so exaggerated the level of bachelorette aggression to pad the old egos!
      I promise I’m telling the truth, because I was “sotally tober.”

  2. Do you know if neem oil is safe for use on babies? My son has cradle cap and what looks like excema and I wonder if this would help.

  3. We use Neem oil, leaves and extract in all of our products. We hear from so many folks with eczema, psoriasis, & acne who love how well Neem oil works. It truly is a miracle herb!
    BTW Bonnie, I would not use Neem while pregnant. It is safe for use on babies, but unless it is very diluted or mixed in with another product I would avoid it during pregnancy.

  4. Hey, I know you have been using Equiderma on yourself and your dog, which prompted me to try it out on my dogs for the mutant fleas hear in San Diego. I really like it, but it is expensive to ship it out here all the way from Florida! So I was thinking about for myself, could I mix neem oil with tallow and apply to myself as an insect repellent? I thought you might have tried that with your tick problem and had some good results? It would certainly be cheaper than the spray. Also, I’m wondering about how well it would keep. It seems like it would have a pretty stable shelf life at room temp since both things can be left at room temp with no problem. Thanks for any insight!

    1. I think you could, but wow would you stink! 😉 I have also ordered some Cedarcide and I’m going to play with dilution. I think you could try blending some essential oils like those in the Equiderma and see how you do, but EOs are so expensive individually! I think one thing that’s required for a whole-body spray that contains EO rather than liquid extracts is something to emulsify everything. When you spray EO like neem on plants, you just add some Castile soap, but I don’t think that would work well on the human body. I think that’s where some of these emulsifiers like the one in Equiderma come in. I’m going to research this stuff more when I have time, but if you try it please do report back!

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