Podcast Episode #65: wild fish, probiotics, cancer & rosacea


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Episode #65: Wild fish, probiotics, cancer & rosacea

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1. Bone broth fat – eat it or not? [13:10]
2. How much FCLO (fermented cod liver oil) for kids? [20:45]

3. Farm raised vs wild fish [24:05]
4. What to do when I can’t get down fermented foods? [31:00]
5. Grass-fed beef a no-go for cancer patients? If so, why? [38:18]
6. Rosacea [42:30]
Food quality labeling – fish
Dr. Ron’s Soil-based organism probiotic
Dr. Ron’s Smooth Operator
Primal Life Organics skincare

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1. Bone Broth Fat – Eat it or not?

Jennifer says,
I just finished your book and loved it so much I bought one for my parents who have never quite understood paleo and how to shop/eat but now they will after getting your book! Your broth recipe you say to trim the fat off the top once it’s cooled. I used to do this all the time but since going paleo I leave it now. Is it better for me to take it off?

2. How much FCLO for kids?

Jamie says,
I absolutely love Practical Paleo and have learned a lot from it. I personally have been told I have a leaky guy and my husband has spinal cord injury, so we are careful with our nutrition to help us both. We also have a 2 year old who started us on the path to Paleo (how we now eat, (me 100%, my son 95%, my husband 85% or so…) after he started having eczema as a baby. I have incorporated the FCLO into our diets which has helped a lot but I was wondering what the correct portion for us should be. I have been doing an unmeasured 1/2 tsp and about 1/8 tsp for my son, but wasn’t totally sure what was appropriate.

3. Farm raised vs wild fish

Joe says,
In the book ‘Practical Paleo’ definitions are given for seafood and what the packaging means. I was surprised to read the definition of wild-caught. However looking into this label some more I’ve only been able to find the distinction of farm raised vs wild fish; where wild-fish and wild-caught are used interchangeably. Can you elaborate on this more?

4. What to do when I can’t get down fermented foods?

Jenna says,
How do I choose a probiotic supplement? I have tried to eat or drink probiotics but sadly every form except yogurt (and I don’t tolerate dairy well) makes me want to vomit just smelling it. (I also have a VERY negative reaction to vinegars in almost all forms and avoid them at all costs) breakfast is typically eggs with homemade sausage and some type of veggie (spinach & mushrooms are the most frequent at the moment). Lunch, whatever leftovers I find in the fridge. Dinner, meat of some kind usually with 2 veggies (spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, sweet potato … ). I had recently been having too many treats and am just about to finish up my first sugar detox, hopefully I’ll be able to keep those in check now (just a handful of times a month instead of a few times a week).
I typically sleep 7-8 hours a night, never had any issues there. Unfortunately due to a back injury I am not able to workout much at the moment and have really fallen off the bandwagon on that one though I am looking forward to lifting again when I’m all healed up.

5. Grass-fed beef a no-go for Cancer Patients? iI so why?

Dawn says,
Hi Diane and Liz, I am reading Practical Paleo and I think it is destined to be a paleo classic. I have been eating paleo for several months now. My husband was NOT interested until he developed some abdominal pain last month and was diagnosed with lymphoma. He is about to start chemo. Luckily, the lymphoma was caught early and the prognosis for remission is very, very good. Interestingly, he eats a lot of grains (he follows a macrobiotic food plan which includes meat and fish) and the swollen lymph nodes are mainly centered around his small and large and intestine. Based on the info in your book, we are wondering if the lymphoma might be a consequence of long term leaky gut.
My question is regarding the section on Cancer recovery, which we have a keen interest in for obvious reasons. We have avidly read that section (several times) as well as the 30 day meal plans. I noticed that grass fed/grass finished beef is not on the list of recommended foods or even used in the 30 day meal plan. Is grass fed beef detrimental to those with any type of cancer?
Thanks for your help.

Diane & Liz

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2 Responses

  1. Liz – just bought the BioKult probiotic per your recommendation. How many capsules a day do you think I should take to start out, considering I get very very little forms of probiotic elsewhere in my diet? I am 26 years old, female, eat paleo, but do not eat sauerkraut, etc.

    1. Hey Meg! It’s all about how your body responds. I would start with a half-dose, then build up to as much as a 1.5x dose for the first package as long as I was feeling good. I know that’s a little vague, but it’s highly individual!

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