Podcast Episode #64: Surviving the holidays – indulging, family & cocktails!

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Episode #64: Surviving the holidays – indulging, family & cocktails!

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Opening chat: Overall mindset when it comes to eating around the holidays
1. How do I stay on the wagon? [12:24]
2. Best time to eat sweets? [25:37]
3. & 4.  Recovery after indulgences [29:39 & 33:20]
5. How to handle judgment from family [39:19]
6. Paleo-friendly holiday cocktails [44:45]
7. Keeping up with fitness routine during the holidays [48:45]

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 1. How do I stay on the wagon?

Juni Says,
First off—Love the podcast AND Diane’s snazzy new hairdo on the website! Hello!? I walk on my lunch break and listen to this podcast. It is the best part of my work day. Thank you!
I have been on and off a Paleo way of eating since January of 2012. I feel like I fall off the wagon when I get caught in a bad way of thinking that goes something like this: “why can’t I eat like normal people and really, how bad can it be for me if everyone still eats all this stuff on a regular basis?” “Why was I able to reach weight goals easier while eating a “clean” non-Paleo diet?” “I’m sick of having to tell people that I CAN’T eat this or that”. I also think I suffer from selective amnesia (I say jokingly) as there are tons of little symptoms that go away when I eat Paleo that I seem to forget about when I am feeling sorry for myself. To make a long story short, I know unequivocably, through these recent “Return to SAD” experiments that I feel MUCH better when I eat a Paleo diet. I know that in having an Autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s) that very real symptoms of me being intolerant of non-Paleo foods are present. I know that my previous weight goals were more motivated by vanity and may not be as healthy as I thought they were. I know that no matter how simply the Paleo diet is laid out that a great deal of personal tweaks must be made to find the right formula for an individual. I know, I know, I know….but why do I still fight this?
Diane has mentioned a few times that when trying to get off gluten that it took her about a year to really do it. I’d love to hear her elaborate on this story and what it was that finally made her give it up for real. I’ve read the Introduction to Practical Paleo (and love the book) so I know her story in general but would like to hear more about the ways she’d fall off the wagon, get back on again and ultimately found the strength to say “I’m at peace with living in a way that is best for me”. Maybe you both could share some anecdotes about how your clients have made the transition from partial to fully committed. Or maybe you’ll tell me that I need to chill and just take things as they come? Either way, can you address the emotional/psychological aspects of major dietary changes like this?

2. Best time to eat sweets?

Stacey says,
heard eating sugar after a meal is the best way to minimize blood sugar spikes if you choose to indulge. Is that true? Is there a better time to eat sweets?

3.  & 4. Recovery after indulgences?

Hope says,
OK, I did a BIG no-no and ate stuffing and pie over Thanksgiving and now of course I feel like poo…. I’ve stopped eating yucko stuff which is helping, but anything I can do to speed along my feeling better?
Dave says,
I’ve been recently diagnosed with celiac and a leaky gut. I just finished the elimination diet and I’m starting to reintroduce foods on a weekly basis. On occasion, the rigors of modern life force me to eat out. About half the time I come away feeling some pain and/or discomfort which I chalk up to some gluten getting into my food either through cross contamination, something in the food (like a sausage). I am loath to go back on the elimination diet, so I’m worried that these instances might again lead to a leaky gut. How much exposure does it take and over what time period? What kind of symptoms should I be on the watch for should I suspect something?
My wife and I love your book. We bought 4. one for us, one for each of our exes, and another for my mother-in-law. All so, our kids can eat as healthy with them as they do when they’re with us. Keep up the great work!

5. How to handle judgment from family

Leslie says,
My question is as to the feelings of judgement on behalf of family members. First, as someone with Celiac, I struggle during the holiday season at family gatherings. Second, as someone who as embraced a Paleo lifestyle (which has been extremely life changing for my PCOS and food allergies), it is alienating to be surrounded by the average American eaters. Advice?

6. Paleo-friendly holiday cocktails

Andrada says,
What are the best & most Paleo friendly cocktails & wines. I read that some wines can have gluten b/c a wheat paste is sometimes used to seal the barrels. Which is better gin, vodka, tequila, etc in terms of doing the least amount of damage to the gut? Thanks!

7. Keeping up with fitness routine during the holidays

Lauren says,
What and how to maintain fitness levels when the weather, holiday schedules, and life get in the way of exercise? Thanks!

Thanks for listening!
Liz & Diane 

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