Pictures of Chickens…and musings on Chicken Crack.

We have 18 chickens. They’re just now turning 8 weeks old, and they just got to go outside for the first time.
I feel like the parent of a teenager with a freshly-minted driver’s license.
Every time they hop into the grass from their cozy coop, I feel like saying “be careful! Watch out! Don’t get into trouble!”

And when they protest my over-protective nature, I want to say “it’s not YOU I’m worried about! It’s other people. It’s all those predators out there!”
I just don’t want them to get into any trouble. I don’t want any evil predators (raccoons, hawks, Tyson) asking them to take drugs  (er, chicken crack) to the bus depot (name that movie) when they go downtown.
Here are a few pics from one of the late bloomers’ first ventures into the wilderness (ie fenced-in pen). It was really cool to see the realization dawn on this little bugger that the grass was full of things to peck!

What? What's all this green stuff?
What? What’s all this green stuff?

Do I trust you?

Are those...BUGS?!
Are those…BUGS?! Hellooooo, nurse!

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6 Responses

  1. This is the coolest blog I have ever read. I am amazed and so insanely entertained by your posts. I have such a keen interest in nature and animals. It’s surprising just how ignorant I am too. Please keep it up. It is exceptional!

  2. Just out of curiosity, Liz, what are you doing for feed? I’m in Michigan and even though, I can get away with lots of free ranging in the summer (yes, I still supplement with grain based feed *gasp*), I was wondering if you found a good, more wholesome brand. When we started, we were using the TSC brand which the first ingredients is grains (we had to do what was affordable at the time) and now that they are laying, I’m even more concerned about the food source. I did find a type by Purina that is still made from grains but the first ingredient is plant protein. I have a corn and soy allergy and had to quit eating eggs bought from the store, but our own eggs don’t seem to bother me. I’m always wondering what other people are doing. I already feed my dogs the grain free dog food (I choose to but I also have to, the German Shepard has serious allergies to wheat, and other grains just like me 🙂 ) and I would love to hear options for the chickens.

  3. I’m so jealous!!! They’re so cute!
    I don’t know how I missed this, it’s a good thing you listed your blog posts on your Monday e-mail 🙂

  4. Liz,
    I picked up a local farming magazine while down in Louisville, KY, over the weekend and it mentioned there is a podcast called “The Chicken Whisperer.” I thought you immediately! He has a ton of free podcasts and here is his web site:
    I also share your affinity for all things homesteading but have been limited to planting and canning for the time being since our HOA is LAME and forbids chickens 🙁

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