Coffee buzz & what’s happening in Paleo

And when I say “Buzz,” I mean literally. 

While I’ve decreased my coffee load in favor of skin care teas and tonics, I couldn’t resist taking this Chameleon Cold Brew home with me the other day. Why? The label is cool, and their tagline is “Coffee, Evolved.” (#Paleo)

I was loving the cold brew flavor and the funky chameleon graphic…and then, the lizard walked off of the bottle and started singing the Line Lizard song to me. (Unfortunately, I can’t find the LL song online. Rest assured it’s an unintentionally psychedelic song about kids and math. Ya know, those.)
Honestly, this just made me love it more. And it made for a really fun story at my job interview. (Kidding.)
Apparently, reading the “3X CAFFEINE” warning and moderating my chugging enjoyment a bit would have helped me avoid this whole situation. I should’ve listened to Mrs. Featherbottom and read the label (name that show).
Anywhoo, the CCB is a new favorite. And I now know that when I look in the mirror and actually look like that chameleon, it’s time to dial back a bit. See? Over-caffeinated self-check built right in. I like these guys.

Now, on to the real Paleo Buzz: there are cool things happenin’ at the local grocer!

I was beyond excited to see two MAJOR additions to my local Whole Foods: first, Steve’s PaleoGoods; and second, Paleo Magazine!
If you haven’t tried Steve’s PaleoGoods before, I highly suggest you go for it. I never leave home, go to the airport, or catch a movie without PaleoGoods in tow. Cinnamon Krunch, the Apple Pie PaleoKit, and Buffalo Chicken Jerky are my faves. Bonus: your purchase supports Steve’s Club, a cause near and dear to my heart.
I write a Body Care column for Paleo Mag, and I was so excited to see the pub that I showed the cashier my bio and photograph, which is printed in the opening page. She looked at me…then back at the page…then back at me. Then, she laughed. Hard.
Maybe because in my bio I look like this:

And when I go to Whole Foods I look like this:

Just sayin. I get it.
Happy Friday, everyone!

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22 Responses

  1. I saw the same coffee at Wegmans ‘s yesterday. Almost bought some due to the cute packaging. Glad I resisted! I make a lot of cold brew coffee in the summer…so great to keep on hand for iced coffee.

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    You forgot another use of this post’s chosen topic.
    For the REST of the paleo buzz, see !

  3. A) The WF in Columbus Ohio is sooooooo lame! No Paleo anything that I can find yet (I KEEP searching for Hail Merrys too!). B) I totally look like that when I go to WF too!

  4. They just started carrying Paleo Magazine in our Whole Foods. I requested it and a little while later there it was! Next up Steve’s Original so I don’t have to order it!

  5. Enjoyed meeting you at the CF Games, and I’m loving the Steve’s, though I must mail order. And I’m loving the photos: “This is all I need …”

  6. AH! That’s so exciting to see Steve’s Club in Whole Foods!! Will they be carrying them nationally?? Please oh Please say it’s so!

  7. I wish I could get behind Steve’s but they’re snacky-type foods and it’s hard to have around the house for me. Better to have an apple or grapes or something (personally speaking of course!). :/
    Not to mention that I made the mistake of liking the Facebook and there was a bunch of right-wing political posts that turned me completely off of the company.
    I won’t even go into the coconut oil company that sent along religious propaganda with my 1st order (SERIOUSLY) that turned me off of them as well.
    Seriously – keep it in your pants people. Leave off the political & religious views in your business life. Gah!

    1. Hmm, I never have an issue with having beef jerky lying around! Never have considered it a snack so much as a meal option for when I need it. I do love jerky, but have never chosen it over a real meal! I do need to be careful with things like grapes and apples, since anything sweet makes me a little cracked out sugar binge-y. Just shows we’re all different! One man’s dessert is another man’s … beef jerky?
      I’m not sure what you mean about the right-wing posts…I actually contribute a ton to the Steve’s Original facebook page and have never put up anything political at any point in the last few years…I wonder if you mean the military support posts? I often share photos of our troops with kits and such, including my husband…but that’s more an action of individual support than political IMO. I know the whole team, there’s just a few of us, and none of us are particularly politically-oriented. I wonder if you’re thinking of a different company?
      Must agree with you on the coconut oil company, although they do provide a service I need! …my Cod Liver Oil people are also…erm…politically and religiously far afield from where I stand. But I need my FCLO, and they’re good people at heart 🙂

  8. Haha, that last photo is hilarious. apparently our old football stadium is getting converted into a whole foods. that news BLEW my mind! If steves paleo goods are in said whole foods, I might just have a heart attack right there in the aisle! I’ve wanted to try them for so long, but the shipping to Canda is just not affordable for me 🙁 Here’s hoping!! They stadium isn’t even demolished yet though so I guess it will be a while before I try it out 😛

  9. Time to start canvasing my area Whole Foods for Paleo Goods! There are five Whole Foods in my tiny city of Portland and it drives me bonkers that the selection in each varies. Dear Whole Foods, please concentrate the grass-fed meats, Hail Merrys and cool paleo stuff in a single location, thanks.
    That photo also sums up my grocery shopping trips: “I don’t need one other thing, NOT ONE – I need THIS….”

    1. Woops, I should have been more clear! I think it’s just my local Whole Foods, which is right near PaleoKits HQ!
      Cracked me up with your grocery shopping internal monologue…that’s going to be in my head permanently now!

  10. Speaking of your looks, has anyone told you that you look a lot like Marnie from the show Girls (actress Allison Williams)? I just recently started watching that show and thought wow she looks just like Liz Wolfe! 🙂

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