Modern Farm Girls Podcast 007: getting started with farming, current events & more!

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk more about getting started with farming and homesteading, plus current events and more!
Mentioned in the podcast:
The Ex-NFL player who quit football and started farming “for good”
Article on the military & climate change

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You can find us on iTunes and on Stitcher – be sure to subscribe!

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Liz,
    You two were on my ear the other morning when I was feeding the chickens. (The iPhone leash inflicted upon me became a blessing when I discovered podcasts).
    I solved my winter chicken water problem this year. Started a couple of years ago with a metal water feeder that can be warmed but a pin hole or break in seam renders these useless quite easily.
    Bought a $50 plastic jobby but it lasts about one season and are expensive to replace. (I joke I average about $3 an egg).
    This year, I just got a few paint buckets from Lowe’s and some plastic oil pans from the auto place (under $10 complete). I drilled some holes towards the top of the paint buckets. I fill the paint buckets with water and flip it over into the oil pan and I have a waterer. I decided to just switch it out each day so I don’t have to worry about keeping the water thawed – was easier than I thought.
    Also tried fermented chicken feed (of course I only have seven dumb chickens and a rooster). I put the feed in a mason jar and cover it with water for three days, then serve. I have enough jars to keep it all in rotation. They love the feed and look much better though (coincidentally) they stopped producing eggs because of their age and winter – one way trip to the processor in the spring me thinks.
    My wife is 62 and graduated from NTP about five years ago. I entered the class last year and was the only person in the class who couldn’t say I had a passion for nutrition and an awesome husband. Nevertheless, I loved the material and am now a certified NTP. I am 55 and have a 30 year career in IT. I am well invested in social security and lottery tickets so I’m sure retirement is just around the corner.
    The lure of technology no longer draws me. I’m at the “been there, done that” age. I once had a mentor who when he was in his mid fifties said, “I only have a few more bullets in my holster”. I didn’t know what he meant at the time (I was in my thirties) but now I do. I think I have one more significant lap around the track if you don’t mind me switching metaphors.
    Perhaps in one of your episodes, you can speak to those of us who have a career but would like to be a part of the real foods/utilizing the land movement later in life. We don’t have the strength of youth or the time to develop farming as a career but we have experience and I like to think some measure of maturity. We have a garden, the chickens and about an acre around our house. I subscribed to wwoof and an intentional community or volunteering is not out of the question.
    Thanks much!
    David B. Sable

    1. David, where do I start? I LOVE your comment! I love that you and your wife are both NTPs, I love your ingenuity with the chicken water and feed (passed those tips along to my husband, the chicken whisperer) and I love your question/statement. I will add it to the Modern Farm Girls queue to discuss. I know there are a lot of listeners out there wondering the same things.
      Good luck taking your seven dumb chickens to the processor – we’ll be in that boat next year, I think! Though we may decide to process on site. And best of luck with those lottery tickets! I’m thinking they’re about as stable an approach as we’ve got these days.

  2. I love listening to your podcasts at work where I am not able to take notes. Is there someplace that lists the resources stated in each podcast?

    1. We try to get them inserted into the blog posts Andrea, but lately with the new baby I haven’t had the opportunity 🙁 so sorry – we’ll try to do better! Thank you so much for listening!

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