Modern Farm Girls Podcast 005: gut health, hog slaughter & farm life

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk farm & book updates, gut health and The American Gut project, Diana’s Registered Dietitian coursework & internship, hog slaughter & farm life.

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You can find us on iTunes and on Stitcher – be sure to subscribe!

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2 Responses

  1. I just listened to this podcast – am a faithful Balanced Bites listener but love Modern Farm Girls content too! My husband and I will retire in 5 years, and we are trying to learn as much as possible about homesteading. I teared up when you described how you felt taking your hogs to slaughter and know that will be one of the most difficult transitions. However, I don’t remember her name, but I heard a “farm to table” chef tell Guy Fieri on his show how she dealt with raising and slaughtering her animals. You probably have already heard this, but she was saying how humans throughout our lifetime have good days and bad days but the animals on her farm throughout their lifetime “everyday is a good day and they only have one bad day”. Yea, it’s one hell of a bad day, and not sure if it makes you feel better but it still a made me smile. 🙂

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