Recipe: Cowboy Eggs Benedict

I licked the plate.

I was alone at the time, but I would’ve licked it at a dinner party with the Queen if they’d served this dish. Gobsmackingly delicious, it was.
Hearty, savory, tangy, meaty, eggy, Hollandaise-y, BBQ-y deliciousness. I thought to myself: “Self! This is cowboy food. Ya know, if cowboys made Hollandaise sauce and used kitchen gadgets.
This was a little more involved than most things I make. Each individual item was pretty basic, but making everything in the right order was the real puzzle.
I’m sure there’s a way to finesse all the timing so it’s all done at once, but I’m not that smart. Just do this: make the bison. Then make the sweet potato. Then make the Hollandaise. Then make the eggs. Eggs should definitely be last.
I made the Hollandaise with my hand blender, using this recipe. Unsophisticated, un-chef-like, and works like a charm.
As usual, I shredded the sweet potato with the Salad Shooter. You’re sick of hearing about it. But I won’t stop talking about it until the whole world is Salad Shooting their faces off. This thing makes me look like a friggin’ GENIUS.
I used PaleoChef Steak Sauce for this recipe. You can use any Steak or BBQ sauce you like – but if you’re looking for a great option, the whole PaleoChef line pretty much rocks.

Cowboy Breakfast

Makes 2-3 individual servings
What you need:
1lb bison stew meat or other stew meat, cut into chunks (I tenderize with a Jaccard, but you don’t have to)
2 Tbs. ghee or other stable cooking fat to cook up the meat
PaleoChef Steak Sauce
or other clean, Paleo-friendly steak or BBQ sauce
Sweet potato, shredded
2 Tbs. ghee or other stable cooking fat to fry up the taters
The Hollandaise fixins – see this post
Lots of eggs, poached or fried (we usually do 2 eggs per person)
Marinate the bison in the sauce for at least an hour. Bring it to room temperature. Heat up ghee in a skillet and sear bison over medium heat. Cook to desired done-ness. Toss in extra sauce and set aside.
Fry up the shredded taters in ghee. Add a pinch of salt and set aside.
Make the Hollandaise, then make the eggs.
Top bison with sweet potato with eggs with Hollandaise with extra sauce and enjoy!

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  1. unrelated, but just listened to your podcast…
    excited for your show next week with katie! you both have such great personalities– candid, real and clever.
    love her alignment snacks (though they were too “slow” for my boyfriend; read detailed, precise and awesome).

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