I gave up caffeine. Here’s why.

COFFEE. I used to LOVE it. Then, I had to quit it. ⁣

Hot, iced, espresso, light, dark (but ESPECIALLY iced) … you name it, I drank it. Nobody accumulates this many coffee drinking vessels unless they need to have multiple cups of multiple types of coffee spread across the house at all times, to be reheated (or re-iced) at a moments’ notice.⁣

Then, I realized that a collection of unsettling symptoms that I couldn’t connect to any of my labs, cycle tracking, or food journaling, including feeling like I couldn’t get a full breath without yawning (sorry, made you yawn!) were all connected to…coffee. In particular, the caffeine.⁣

So I gave it up. ALL caffeine. ⁣

Which also meant bye-bye kombucha…and even decaf coffee. ⁣

And also…chocolate. ⁣

I know. I’m STILL in denial. But I feel better. So it’s worth it. Mostly.

You know how some people can’t eat something that has even LOOKED at gluten? Well, it’s the same for me, but with caffeine. ⁣

It’s been at least 3 years since I said goodbye to caffeine, maybe more? And somehow, I’m surviving. Maybe I’ll figure it out some day and be able to enjoy these life-giving substances again. But for now, this is my lot. (Drama!)

By the way: I don’t hate coffee or caffeine, and by NO MEANS do I think it’s bad for “everyone.”⁣

IN GENERAL, no one thing is absolutely always BAD for everyone OR absolutely always GOOD for everyone. And, in fact, some substances that we think are “bad” might end up being “good” depending on the situation.⁣

Coffee, caffeine, and chocolate have some interesting health properties in the right contexts. They’re just not right for ME.⁣

Tangent, sort of: if something bothers you, stop consuming it. This goes for social media, too. Talk about your experience publicly, because it might inspire someone else to re-evaluate their choices. ⁣

But the judgy-wudgy, “sorry, buts,” and “nobody shoulds” don’t elevate the conversation…right?! (Although I’m sure they get eyes on! ?)⁣

By the way, carob is a terrible substitute for chocolate, no matter how long it’s been since you ate the “real thing.”

Happy warm beverage drinking!

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  1. Oh Liz,

    I am lamenting to you that I may need to give up coffee as well. Something I’ve been fighting for a long time. I am like you, love every second of drinking coffee. Making it for my husband, any kind of coffee or method: four sigmatic, CCB, aeropress, french press anything and everything. Though, what do I take directly after my first sip? My adrenal glandular! yikes! haha thank you for reaffirming that is if doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for me. 🙂

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