Gluten Free doesn’t mean healthy!

“Gluten free” is, like parental guilt over missing sixteenth birthdays, highly profitable.*
*name that movie!
Here’s the thing, though: the “gluten free” term is now being slapped on anything and everything that just happens to be without gluten…including nutrient-poor processed foods and junk!
If you’re looking for a treat or planning to indulge and you’re intolerant to gluten, the “gluten free” label could be a great thing. But if you’re just trying to get healthier and looking for healthier food, don’t be fooled into thinking a product is healthy just because it says “gluten free” on the label.
Check out what I have to say in the video below!

Share your strategies for recognizing healthy gluten free foods and your experiences with “gluten free goodies” in the comments.
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  1. I get so upset when I see that cheese is marked “gluten free”, seriously!!! My advice is stick to the outer layer of the market, better yet buy food at your farmers market. Think about what how you would cook without a microwave. Real, fresh food is always best. But when time is short, I always have some high quality hamburger in the freezer for a quick lettuce burger. Healthy doesn’t have to be fancy.

  2. When you mentioned the pizza, they are mislabeling it. Modified still is not gluten-free. Especially if it is modified-cornstarch. As someone who has Celiac Disease and has to go gluten-free for medical reasons, I know some things I eat are not ‘healthy.’ There are more sugars in gluten-free items than regular items.

    1. Wow! How is modified cornstarch not gluten-free if it’s derived from corn?! I had quite a few celiacs on the gluten-free restaurant tour with me – I wonder how they fared…

  3. are there restaurants that have a quality gluten free crust you’d recommend? I like the taste of Spins crust but now I’m worried about what I’m eating!

    1. I honestly don’t know! I’ve been to restaurants where I’m pretty horrified at the crust ingredients (I’m pretty sure they all used the same one from Sisco/Cisco/Sisquo/whatever that company is) … But at higher-end places you might be ok! You’ll just have to ask :/

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