Our chickens are laying! Here’s what I did with the first egg.

Our chickens are laying! Finally!
It’s been a few weeks now, so this post is long overdue. Sorry – I’ve been too busy buying push presents for all the ladies and eating gorgeous eggs yolks to write this one. (#EatTheYolks, right?! And remember these 5 reasons REAL EGGS beat Egg Beaters.)
This one asked for a t-shirt that says “photobomb.com” for her push present.

chicken photobomb

Anyway. Hundreds of dollars in equipment and setup for the Featherneck Country Club (and Disco) later, they’re finally laying.
The first egg cost us approximately…ugh, I don’t even want to say it.
Free eggs ain’t cheap. Just sayin’.
They’re also incredibly little. But, as you can see below…they’re just too darn cute. The egg on the left is from a local farmer. The egg on the right is ours.

The first egg, of course, is cause for celebration. Here’s how I celebrated the little thing:
First, of course, I put it in an egg cup. It was like when I tried on my dad’s pants when I was five. Too big! (Awwwwww!…)
egg cup
Then, obvi, I put it in a napkin ring. Too cute! (Awwwwww!…)
napkin ring
After that, I just HAD to put a giant bow on it. Er, below it. (Awwwwww!…)
And then I put it next to the chicken figurine I inherited from my grandfather. Because it needs its family in this difficult, pre-cracking time.
one chicken
Correction: it needs its whole family.
many chickens
Finally, it only makes sense to put a Mossy Oak/University of Kansas Jayhawks hat on it. Because that’s where everything begins and ends.
And then, of course, I cracked it. Gorgeous yolk, as expected. Delicious. And all its brothers and sisters have been gorgeous and delicious too. (PS: those sweet potato noodles were made with my spiralizer.)

fresh eggs

In case you were wondering, this is what I’m doing when I say I’m “busy working.”

Life is good.

Thanks for reading!


Liz Wolfe, NTP
Author of Eat the Yolks

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14 Responses

  1. That picture of the egg with the flock of inanimate chickens is pure gold. It’s (very appropriately) reminiscent of a manger scene.
    Congrats on your eggs!

  2. Love your cheeky chicks!
    Our backyard neighbor has 20+ chickens and I love feeding them our scraps. He gifted us a half dozen eggs – a blessing on New Year’s Day.
    May your yolks shine like the sun year round.

  3. I like to use the little pullet eggs to make Dragon’s eyes (hollow out a bit of an avocado put in egg. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and cayenne pepper. Bake until egg is done. If you tolerate dairy, you can top with cheese. I like to use raw jalapeno jack. I serve with a squirt of shricha sauce.

  4. =O The dream is coming true before your very eyes!
    Congrats on such a momentous occasion! It’s official now (if it wasn’t already) — you ARE a homesteader! (TAKE ME WITH YOU!!) 😉

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