Balanced Bites Podcast #456: Second Helpings: The Truth about DEET, Bug Spray and Tick Bites

#456: Before you buy bug spray this summer, you’ll want to tune into this episode! In this replay, Liz gets to the bottom of the question: Is DEET really bad? Liz discusses permethrin, picaridin and even some natural options, and shares what she REALLY thinks the best option is (it may not be what you expect!) and why she’s not a fan of essential oils.

Liz also shares tips on using bug sprays with sunscreen and which insect repellents you should NEVER combine. She reveals what to do if you get a tick bite (and what you should NEVER do!), her pediatrician’s advice for bug spray, and the truth about which blood type mosquitos love the most. If you want optimal protection from bugs this summer, this is a MUST listen!

Liz’s must haves for protection:

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For Bug Bite Thing Suction, click HERE

For Ticked Off Tick Removal, click HERE

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